Be Quiet Silent Base 802 vs Dark Base Pro 900 vs Fractal Meshify 2 vs Fractal Torrent

May 30, 2016
Which of these 4 cases would you pick if you had to choose?

For a 12900KS build cooled by a Noctua NH-D15S with dual 120/140mm fans and a Asus Tuf GeForce RTX 3090. No HDDS/Optical disc drives

Which case would provide best balance between cooling and relatively low noise for that setup out of all of them??

And which case is best for sound dampening to drown out coil whine and vibrations while still providing good/decent airflow??

I am leaning towards the Silent Base 802 it seems good with airflow config front mesh with a foamed top and side panel.
I think any of those would do. The best for airflow would be open front mesh. So it basically just comes down to looks after that. I have the Torrent cause I love the design but the cable management isn't the best.
Every Fractal Design case I've owned felt slightly more engineered than any other case I've had. I can't speak to the features of each, but there is a quality and a lack of creakiness and extra sturdiness that should be considered even if it doesn't pop up in the reviews.