Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro : Yay or Nay?

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Jul 6, 2005
I'm currently working on a big project and I'm wondering what you guys think of this heat sink. It will cost me double the price of a NH-D14 to bring it in the US, but as long as my project comes out perfect...I'm happy. There's a decent chance the fan will be changed with an AK-FN059, but that all depends on how it will look in the end. I don't like the fan at the end, so I might take it off and leave the one in the middle. Also, I'm considering mounting the heat sink so that the word "be quiet" is positioned correctly. This would cause the exhaust to be blown towards the top of the case, where there isn't an exhaust, but I think the airflow from the case can take care of that (excellent airflow). Aesthetics is currently #1. This heat sink will be used with a black interior lian li case. The theme is black and yellow, and I'll leave it at that without giving too much away ;)

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*This thread is a continuation of this thread but I needed a poll.
Jul 3, 2011
It definitely fits the bill for a black on black setup. If you take the cost out of the picture it gets my vote.

Before I turned it on its side, however, I would look into a way to remove/alter/replace/cover the sideways logo. Without knowing your overall theme my first instinct is to cut a small piece of scrap into a diamond shape, (or a logo more appropriate to your theme) paint it yellow, and stick it on over top of the "be quiet!" with a piece of double sided tape like you would use for a case window.

Or you could cut the threads off a couple motherboard mounts and use some adhesive to offset your logo/diamond thing/whatever a little more - maybe even stick an led or some el wire behind it. Turn the eyesore into an attraction.

You might even be able to pop the logo off, or rotate it, depending on how it's mounted. It looks like you can take that top plate off to at least get a peek at the back.