Barb threading sealant?


Limp Gawd
Jun 18, 2003
I am using a Via Aqua 1300 as my pump. Awhile back I noticed I had some water on the bottom of my case. I found that there is a crack in the top barb area on the pump. The crack isnt actually the barb itself, but the threading area the barb screws into. I did replace the pump with a new 1300, but the new one seems to make 2 times as much noise. Sounds like its rattling, even when its secured to the case. I want to be able use the old one because the PC's are now 6 feet from where I sleep. The lower the noise the better. I was thinking of putting the barb back in, caulking the top and along the crack, then hot gluing over the top of the crack. Would you think this would seal it good enough, or not enough? Or, any other ideas?

If you want to see my setup including my homade res, pictures are here.


Dec 18, 2002
Do not hot glue.

Use JB Weld Plumbers goop , they have different variety
or use 5mins two part Epoxy ( works for me every time.) in 5mins it's solid but better off leaving it 24hrs.