Bandwidth usage estimates for enterprise

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Mar 30, 2001
We are going to be upping our site to site fiber links and I need to right size them. We currently have 90mbps site to site (5 sites) with the main office having a 900mbps. This is private WAN fiber through Qwest.

What I need to do is calculate the estimated bandwidth usage for the following.

~500 users per site using domain services, dhcp, dns, roaming profile logins, file saves from the central office across the WAN, etc.

~100 Cisco VoIP phones per site with average call volume being about 30 calls per hour per site.

Video streaming from central office (assume HD bandwidth levels for growth). Maybe 5 streams per day per site, each stream being 2 hours.

Internet traffic is not in this plan, so we are evaluating that sepretly. The phone and video streaming requirements I can kinda get because they have minimum bandwidths that they require to operate, but the user side is what I'm having trouble with. How do I estimate users logging in, pulling files down, checking email all from the servers at our central office.


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Jan 16, 2005
Does your gateway not keep track of these things??

Why not look at your existing usage graphs?

I agree, there should be logs that should show you usage, if you can't find anything try calling your current isp and see if they can get you some kind of usage log. Usually they will have one because they do track your usage.
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