Bad SSD causing programs not to launch/system freezing?


Oct 12, 2009
Hello I have a ASUS UX31LA-US51T laptop running windows 8.1. that was purchased refurbished. I just started using it a week ago. all was fine. then yesterday out of the blue I started getting app crashing errors. Some programs wouldn't start at all. at first it was just a few programs then it started getting progressively worse. then my system starting freezing causing me to have to restart. now within about 10 seconds of logging in my system freezes and i have to reboot.

however if i boot in safe mode, i can open some programs and its a little better but there is still some eventual freezing and crashing.

i used hirens boot cd to test the RAM and it passed. I will run HDD diagnostic scanners on the SSD to see what it finds. but first a question, I am unfamiliar with SSDs so I want to know if its possible for SSDs to get bad sectors like HDDs? I may also try the "Reset your PC" option in win8.1 startup when i get home.

If anyone have any ideas on what might be causing these problems, I'd appreciate some input.


Sep 15, 2007
Bad sectors? Not really, but the internal controller can go belly up on you, and cause all sorts of mayhem.