bad MB or cpu?


Nov 22, 2004
ok so about 3 weeks ago i built a pc whit a 955 8gb ram and ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 mb. all has been working fine up it about ab week ago, then to get it to boot i would have have to unplug my pus then plug it back in and it would work(the psu is good already checked it). well this morning i go to turn it on and all i get is a solid red light next to my ram. i have tried taking all 4 sticks out using one at a time on every slot and same thing, tried clearing coms. nothing seams to work now. is there any way to tell if its the board of cpu?
Grab Hirens Boot CD and see if you can boot into the disc, or any disc for that matter. Can you get into the bios? If you can boot into the disc then you can run diagnostic tools with it on your other hardware.
no i cant even post. i don't have a spare am3 chip to try out but i do have and old am2 chip and board would it be safe to put the 955 in there to see if it would post?
cpu 955
ram 8gb gskill rip jaws
psu Silencer 750 Quad
mb M4A89GTD
vid card 4870

and no its not a crappy psu its a dam good one that i cheeked and its still putting out the right volts

i have ruled out every thing but the cpu or mb i think is ther any way to tell what one it is?
Sorry your AM2+ cpu will not work for your board (it is not compatible with DDR3 and won't physically fit).

AM2 motherboard: Accepts CPUs from AM2, AM2+, AM3
AM2+ motherboard: Accepts CPUs from AM2, AM2+, AM3
AM3 motherboards: Accepts only AM3 chips

AM2/AM2+ has only DDR2 controller
AM3 has both DDR2 and DDR3 controller

I understand you say your PSU is quality but if you have a spare one perhaps try it. Even quality PSU sometimes crap out of the blue just not as often as Rosewill or such.

If not the PSU I am sorta leaning towards the motherboard.
think i found it pulled my mb out and on the back of it behind the ram socket i see the paint came off and a cooper tracer that burnt all the way though would running my ram at 1.75v do that? .looks like im heading for a rma, anyone know how long it takes for them to do rma? i might just order a new board in the mean time if i do go that route whats the cheapest board that will support a 955?
Not too sure. Up till now I usually narrow it down to the motherboard by swapping around spare parts.

In order:
-Swap memory around
-Swap PSU around
-Test old PSU and memory on another system
-Unplug hdd, dvd, mouse, keyboard, etc (Yea sounds crazy but once a really bad PS/2 mouse wouldn't let my system boot up. Weird as hell but a new mouse fix the problem)

If all else works then usually that leaves me with the motherboard.

Best of luck man.