BackUp Software / Sync Software


Jan 10, 2004
Can anyone recommend some software that can backup a volume from one server to the other and keep it in sync. Meaning delete files from one it will delete it from the other. Rename something and it will rename or delete and recopy.

Thank you.
This is a loaded question. What types of servers? What is your RPO? What is your budget?

The result could range from SyncToy to array-based replication to PlateSpin.

We need more info.
Veeam backup and replication.

Need a lot more info on what you have and what your looking for.
If its a domain I would dfs. Server 2k3r2 minimum required. Otherwise I use a little utility called freefulesyn and a scheduled task.
Personally I use FreeFileSync for all these types of tasks outside the domain.
Sorry for the short question with no details.

Windows network at home w/o a domain. One server has Windows Server 2012 and the other has Windows Server 2008 R2. Both are configured as file servers.

Would like one server to back-up/sync its "data" volume to the other server's volume.
you can use synctoy for this, run it via a schedule task and have it output to a log file.
Innonence, have you had any problems with FreeFileSync?
Never an issue, once it's set up properly.
Biggest thing would be to make sure you're suppressing/ignoring all errors if it's automatic or a scheduled task. Scheduled task "termination after X-hours" and "do not run if already in progress" doesn't seem to work properly all the time, and if 2 processes run on each-other it can cause a bit of a clusterfuck.

One of my friends uses it on 150+ client laptops for scheduled backups (as part of a simple batch file to check for server connectivity before dumping files) and hasn't reported any problems. The config files being human readable XML(or XML-ish) makes it pretty easy to deal with as well.