Backup/Overflow storage: Time Machine Vs. WD Mycloud?


Jan 19, 2005
Given neither my iphone Macbook can have their storage upgraded, I probably need to look into an overflow/backup drive at some point I figured (especially for my phone/photos).

The main two "cloud" type access from anywhere drives (which would be nice beyond just a simple local backup) seems to be WD's Mycloud drive and Apples Time Machine (Which seems only available paired in a wireless router?).

Anyway, was just curious what thoughts people had on these two options, and/or if any other companies made anything comparable?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 5, 2004
Time machine is a program built into OS X that uses an external drive to backup the data on the machine. You could be talking about a Time Capsule, which is an Airport Extreme with a hard drive built into it. But that will not work for expanding the storage of your iOS devices.

To expand the storage of your iOS device the WD drive will be a better solution, it creates an Ad-Hoc wireless signal and you use the app that WD made to transfer data between the drive and your device.