Backup/Jaguar Install Questions


Limp Gawd
Jun 18, 2003

My girlfriend has an g3 ibook. She has had it for about 1.5 years now and has had to take it in for service 3 times now. She just got it back this thursday because of the recall on the ibook logic board. With all this service time, Im afraid they will just wipe the hard drive on accident one day. I am a windows user, so my knowledge is very limited.

I would like to backup all her documents/pictures/mp3s/user settings on a regular basis. Are these stored in certain folders or all over the drive? Or could I just take norton ghost and make an image of her drive? I have plenty of space on the fileserver for that.

Since she had the ibook for awhile now, she has noticed its sluggish now compaired to when she first got it. I was thinking of it being cluttered with a lot of things like windows gets. Is formatting the hard drive and loading jaguar that hard? Im very familiar with installing XP, anything like that or not?

Lastly, any good links for me to read up on these foriegn things?



[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
If she's a good little girl everything gets stored in $HOME - this is standard UNIX practice. I just backup that via script every now and then. OS X lacks a registry, so it does not become cluttered over time like Windows.

Black Morty Rackham

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Jan 8, 2004
Not so much "lacks" as "doesn't have one", if you ask me. :D

Anyway, like Snugglebear said, it's all stored in her home folder with a few exceptions. Third party plugins and such are often stored in /Library, I think.

Reinstalling Mac OS X is a breeze. Just boot from the CD (or insert the CD and double click on the installation thingie, that might work too) and follow the instructions. However, it's probably not very meaningful to do so, what with it having no registry that becomes cluttered.


Jan 18, 2001
Mac HD/users/(her user name)

copy this entire directory (also known as ~/ ) and you will have all of her standard stuff as this is the default location for info and such...don't worry about applications as you would want to reinstall them anyway