Awful experience with Rubbish, highly recommend not doing business with

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Sep 24, 2007
Had an absolutely awful deal experience with Rubbish -- a member here since 2007... Lowballed, ignored, promised payment but never received, given an excuse about a broken snowblower, all for the user to come back to me and tell me "I can get a better CPU for that price" 14 days later. I'd like to clarify that I did not outright lose any $ here, so this isn't a "scam", but I did lose two potential sales because this user decided to drag this out for 14 days. I'm in the middle of a new build, so the timeliness of getting some $ back from a sale of an old combo was going to be very helpful for me.

January 12th: Receive PM with a massive lowball of an offer for an old AMD combo for an HTPC build
January 13th: I answered the PM that morning, but receive no response for nearly two days
January 14th: I follow up to see if Rubbish is still interested in the purchase, I even find some links to help with aforementioned HTPC build and offer to throw in some extra parts to help get the build along

I am ignored for 2 days. Rubbish has been online during this time

January 16th: Rubbish PM's me asking "so what are you trying to sell me"? -- odd, since I just outlined the deal, but whatever, everyone has their day. I throw in another part as a courtesy
January 17th: We agree on a price and a combo, I offer to get the combo sent out that day

I am ignored for 2 days AGAIN. Rubbish has been online during this time

January 19th: Rubbish tells me his snow blower broke which is why I didn't receive an answer, and that I will have to wait for payment until Friday the 21st. I agree to this and put the combo in my thread as pending

I am ignored for 2 days AGAIN. Rubbish has been online during this time. I've message Rubbish 4 times informing that I am receiving hits for individual parts but that I am fending them off for him

January 23rd: Rubbish PM's me asking if I still have the parts, only to then ask me about individual parts. I offer the full combo, but inform Rubbish that I have other buyers inquiring for the CPU now

January 24th: I PM Rubbish and let them know that the CPU is now pending. I receive a PM back less than an hour later asking me if "I am online right now", then I send my phone number in the event that Rubbish would like to text me since Private Messages clearly aren't working. I received a message back stating that they will text me soon.

No text is received

January 25th: I explain to Rubbish that I've lost out on both Motherboard and CPU buyers for this combo because I was holding it for this sale. I up the price on the combo to $185 shipped (Ryzen 1300X, 4GB DDR3, MSI mATX Board, 256GB M.2) since I am no longer trying to be helpful for this buyer
Just prior to midnight January 26th: I receive a message back saying "I'll pass I can just get a Ryzen 5600X for that price"

Fun fact, Ryzen 5600X CPU's are going for at least $220 on ebay. Buyer mentioned he had a spare board, so it seems he was just lowballing me to see if I'd budge.

I should have given up when the snowblower excuse came, but I was just trying to be helpful and understanding -- clearly I should have known better myself. There's a clear lack of concern by Rubbish here, not even considering the fact that I am depending on the sale to happen since it was agreed upon twice. Beyond this, I don't even receive an apology even after calling out Rubbish for causing me two lost sales because I held the combo in pending status.
I can't recall having a bad experience with an [H] member, this by far is one of the worst I've dealt with -- nearly craigslist levels of string-alongs and lack-of-commitment to the process. I went online to check for the user's heatware, and there isn't one under the account name either. An [H] member since 2007 with no heatware... I'd advise avoidance of this user -- unreliable, disrespectful, and does not deserve any of your precious time.
"Fun fact, Ryzen 5600X CPU's are going for at least $220 on ebay. Buyer mentioned he had a spare board, so it seems he was just lowballing me to see if I'd budge."

"Fun fact, Ryzen 5600X CPU's are going for at least $220 on ebay. Buyer mentioned he had a spare board, so it seems he was just lowballing me to see if I'd budge."

I "budged" with nearly a full system worth of parts instead, which apparently was not enough... You don't drag out a deal with a seller whom you've agreed upon a deal TWICE for 14 fucking days
OP, FWIW, your "buyer" may be everything that you think he is ... but you didn't have to put yourself through this. I almost exclusively buy here so if I want something, I mean seriously want something, I act like I it and pay for it as quickly as possible. I show the buyer the same common courtesy that I would expect, and then some. This didn't happen in your case. Thanks for the warning though ...
Buyer sounds like a complete fuckwad. Anyone here who is blaming the OP are also fuckwads.

"Fun fact, Ryzen 5600X CPU's are going for at least $220 on ebay. Buyer mentioned he had a spare board, so it seems he was just lowballing me to see if I'd budge."

Let me get this straight, shitbiscuit. It takes you two fucking day to reply per message yet you can reply back within 25 minutes at 1am? Grow up.
I would also be somewhat wary of selling to buyers that have no established reputation, at least in any verifiable way.
I suppose in this case the account had been on [H] for a long time, so I get it.
But around here this long without heat?
After thinking on that a moment, that actually might be more of a red flag than a young account with heat.
Yeah, probably just trolling at this point.
I haven't been particularly impressed with his recent posting history, which I put more weight into than heat or account age, personally.
So... to be clear, your experience with user Rubbish was... Rubbish? User name checks out :)

Seriously though. I buy and sell stuff here from time to time and I also have no Heat. I personally don't like the idea of having extraneous accounts, and their recent hack made me feel justified in that. I also am regularly active on these forums so that people can judge me by my posting history. That being said, I don't hold it against anyone if they are unwilling to deal with me because of it. On the other hand, I try to treat everyone with the same courtesy and respect with which I myself would like to be treated.
Nothing against the OP at all, but if I am selling have hours to pay..Not days.
Sorry, no offense intended but I have watched shitshows for years. If you are motivated enuff to send that PM, then be ready with that payment.

By the way- I must live under a rock or something. Until I started looking at this forum (good selling on [H], I have never heard of "heat" until a few years ago.
No, I don't have that but have hundreds of transactions through miscellaneous forums, Ebay and facebook. Even have a website I sell my own products on.. I think I even have one or two transactions here on [H] buying something or another.
Just a thought but no system is perfect. Research I guess works for me.
He messaged me FOUR times after I posted this thread, trying to downplay the parts I was selling, then told me he would still be open to buying the combo and I should message him "while he's online asap"... When I told him I didn't want his money anymore he said "oh well at least I offered"... then tells me that I should still answer him quickly before he tries to "win an auction on a 5600 on ebay"




This guy is a piece of shit, he should be banned from FS/FT... spamming me at 3AM to now quickly sell the parts to him cause now he is in a crunch
The following is humor.... Anyone think at first it was sort of like, "I was getting some advice online from my Dr.", Really, what's the doctor's name? "Doctor's handle is gouge-your-eyes-out-with-a-hot-poker."
He low balled me recently too. Such offers send the wrong kind of signal, so I ignored it; it's always the wise thing to do.

In any case, thanks for making this post OP, others should know.
My pleasure. I know I am not the most active here, but I've been selling on this forum since I was 17 -- so nearly 15 years now -- I've never dealt with someone so ridiculous and I want to save others the time
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