Avoiding the reformat upon rebuilding?

Oct 28, 2004
Currently I've got the machine in my sig, only one drive is there for windows and the Areca drivers arn't even installed since I use the areca array exclusively for linux. I want to build a fairly identical machine, but move to a single core and the ideal situation is to not have to reformat. Any tips or suggestions on going through this process?

Deleted member 108676

There is a program out there that lets you do that. You said the system will be identical. Is it possable to get the single core version of the board with the same chipset? Because I belive(though I'm probably wrong) that thats what causes you to have to reformat when you upgrade. Maybe if you have the same chipset it will work fine?

Also, I dont know what the program is called so someone else might be able to help you. But I'm positive there is one out there. There might even be a FAQ on it.

Edit: There is no FAQ. Either there use to be one or I'm thinking of something else.