Auzentech Forte Problem


Jul 7, 2004
This probably won't come as a surrise to many, but I'm having trouble with my Auzentech Forte for the first time. Yesterday I was listening to my AV-40's and I heard a pop from my speakers and the sound went dead. So I restarted my computer and the sound comes back on. I then put my computer to sleep turn it on watch a few tv shows and then I put it back to sleep and when I come back the sound does not work.

So I move it from the Headphone jack to the analog cable to see if there is any sound. It does make sound if I turn up the volume all the way on the AV-40's. I then move it to the on board sound and it works so not a speaker problem. I try uninstalling/reinstalling and changing the PCI-e slot to see if that would have any effect and it doesn't. Currently running on on board but it isn't quite as clear as it was on the forte and I want to use it again. So any help is appreciated!


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Jul 25, 2004
I had some issues with it when I first got mine but they went away after I shelved the card for a couple weeks. There are some others who have had issues with it apparently. I sold the one I had and the guy who bought it apparently has issues with it. I'm not sure what the common denominator is.
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