AUO 23.8 TN 144hz panel on the way 1440P


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Jun 7, 2008

In a smaller 23.8" size AUO also have a couple of interesting TN Film panels planned. The new M238DTN01.0 and M238DTN01.2 panels will offer a 2560 x 1440 resolution for high pixel density viewing on a panel of this size, along with a 144Hz refresh rate. Being TN Film based they offer 1000:1 contrast ratio, 350 cd/m2 brightness, 170/160 viewing angles and sRGB gamut. They are expected to go in to production in October and December this year, so expect to see some displays featuring them in the new year hopefully.

We have updated our extensive panel parts database with the new panels as well.
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Why are panels sold with a refresh rate rating? It is my understanding that the refresh rate of a LCD is dependent on the pixel response time and strength of the driver board.
I know AUO were making 1440P monitors in smaller sizes 24-25 last year none of them were used for high refresh to answer you question I have no idea maybe there are different grades of TN panels.
Or the thing I was reading on tft centeral was focused on IPS panels.
sweet size, perfect pixel density but crap matrix, make it IPS and i'm sold!
unfortunately this being TN will kill the main reason to go 24" with 1440p: put 3 monitors in portrait for massive desktop area, since TNs are utter crap in portrait. Still a 24" 1440p can be a serious contender for an all- purpose gaming system on a budget.
Lol well at least they are finally making 24 inch 1440p with 144Hz a reality. I've lost count of how many people whine about 1440p 144Hz displays being only available on 27 inch.