Audigy2 zs & Logitech z680 5.1 problems


Jul 9, 2001
I cant seem to get these speakers to work correctly with this soundcard using the digital output. I have a mono mini-jack hooked up to a coax cable to the z680 control panel. I disabled the sound cards decoder and am using the dolby music effect like they say to setup on logitech's site.

It says to test if everything is working by doing the speaker test. Only the front left/right speakers work in the test. In games it sounds like the center channel is missing.

I know creative made their cards retardedly cuz they want you to buy their speakers but is their anyway to get this card to do digital 5.1 with the z680's without any problems?

I used to use a nForce2 board and I used the Soundstorm with a coax output to my z680's and never had any problems like this. Does the M-Audio revolution card work the same way or is it retarded like sound blasters? I might just sell the sound blaster and get a revolution if that will do digital 5.1 normally.


Nov 1, 2002
I'm also very interested about how to get from that digital output to a 5.1 decoder, and get all 6 channels, and not just 2.

Mister X

Supreme [H]ardness
Apr 20, 2002
The only way a non Soundstorm sound card can do multichannel digital audio is to pass through a previously encoded signal.
You will not get digital 5.1 in games or music with any other sound card on the market (pro logic does not count here).
The only exception to this rule are a few select Creative speakers that use the proprietary digital interface present on their audio cards and a few games that have Dolby DIgital cut scenes.