ATX12V 2.0 ---- ATX12V 2.2 specifications?


Limp Gawd
Oct 31, 2005
I've noticed that most PSUs are ATX12V 2.0 but a few new PSUs like the liberty and the NeoHE are ATX12V 2.2. I've tried to find the differences (summarized below) but I still don't know :confused:

2.0 February, 2003
• Added Terminology section
• Updated power and current guidance
• Includes 250W, 300W, 350W, and 400W guidance
• Updated cross regulation graphs
• Updated load tables
• Updated required efficiency targets. Added recommended
efficiency targets.
• Increased required minimum efficiency at typical and light load.
• Main Power Connector changes to 2x12.
• Aux power connector removed.
• Required Serial ATA Connector.
• Isolated current limit on 2x2 connector for 12V2 rail.

2.01 June, 2004
• Updated 3.3 V remote sense pin # on the main power connector
• Updated 12V2 DC Output Noise/Ripple information
• Removed -5V reference
• Updated 5Vsb maximum current step
• Modified 115 VAC Frequency for the Voltage Hold-up Time

2.1 March 2005
• Add 450W guidance
• Current requirements updated: 250,300,350,400W
• Load table Updated
• Cross loading NEED TO UPDATE: from 250W to 450W.
• Efficiency requirements increased
• 3.3.3 5V standby current increased

2.2 March 2005
• Corrected 12V2 load levels in Tables 3-7
• Added label to Figure 5
• 4.5.1 Added High Current Series wire terminals for ATX Main Power
• 4.5.2 Added High Current Series wire terminals for +12 V Power

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What?? :confused:

Should this be a factor in purchasing a PSU that will work with future motherboard implimentations (M2) or are these changes relatively insignificant? Will a 2.2 be any more 'future-proof' than a 2.0?