Attn Texas area Gamers and Modders.


Limp Gawd
Aug 26, 2004
You all saw the pics from the TXGF Dallas LAN where ATI unvieled its lates 512mb card. Looked like fun right? Don't miss out on this one in Austin. Sign up and get info here.

Lots of Tourneys with prizes and they are going to have a really good Mod Contest with good prizes this time, and of course tons of swag.

"Expect BBQ, Bawls, foosball, air hocket, sumo wrestling, and other activities in addition to the console and computer gaming. "
Apr 14, 2001
Hehe, "Texas area".
When you put it that way, it almost sounds like it isn't 15 hours from El Paso to Orange. :p


Limp Gawd
Aug 26, 2004
Isn't everything 15 hours from El Paso? :D :p

Just a few updates on our big TXGF Spring 2005
Austin lan coming in a week. Here are the topics
of this update.

1. Counter-Strike 1.6, Half Life 2 DM, and Doom 3
DM tourney sign ups added
2. TXGF Spring 2005 Austin April 22nd-24th $30 in
advance, $40 after April 20th, FAQ posted
3. PC, console, arcade, handheld, table top gaming
4. Bring your own console added
5. Volunteers needed
6. Updated Spring 05 games/tourneys
7. Dlink on board for TXGF Austin
8. DFI commits to prizes for TXGF Austin
9. Food and drink at TXGF
10. Mod contest
11. Meeting this Saturday
12. prize update
13. TXGF Fall 2005? TXGF Waco, San Antonio
14. BYOC+, BYO Server, BYO Projector
15. Promotion, promotion, promotion
16. Sign-up, Sign-up, Sign-up!
17. Tourney Sign-up live! Mod contest sign-up

1. Counter-Strike 1.6, Half Life 2 DM, and Doom 3
DM tourney sign ups added Halo 2 details
Yes, you heard it, we have added CS 1.6 back to
the line up. We will have a cash prize that will
scale with the number of teams announced soon, and
it will be paid on site. Expect it to be $50 per
team so 10 teams would mean $500 bucks up for
grabs. It will begin 10PM Friday night. HL2DM
has also been added as has Doom 3 DM. Halo 2 will
be 4v4 and will be a $40 fee per team that will go
entirely to the cash prize. You can find out full
details and sign up for these tourneys here.

2. TXGF Spring 2005 Austin April 22nd-24th
TXGF Spring 2005 Austin is just a week! We have
many updates including these pics of our new
venue. We have 35,000 square feet of gaming space!
Sign-up for the lan is here.
Cost is $30 if paid by the 20th. After that it
will be $40. This is for bring your own computer
and console. It will be $10 at the door for
participants that do not bring their equipment.
There will be a limited number of spectator
passes. There is a new FAQ posted up with answers
to many questions here.

3. PC, console, arcade, handheld, table top gaming
Yes, you read right. In addition to PC and console
gaming we are adding handheld, arcade, and table
top gaming. More details on this are forthcoming.
If you would like to have or help hold any tourney
or just organize general play for any of these
gaming formats then please contact us. We are
particularly excited about doing some Sony PSP

4. Bring your own console added
By popular demand bring your own console has been
added to TXGF Spring. It will be the same BYOC
price, and you need to sign up on the BYOC sign up
page. If you bring a console you will also need
to bring a TV. You will get a full 8 foot table,
and 4 chairs.

5. Volunteers needed
We are looking to get as many volunteers together
as possible to help out with the event. If you
want to volunteer to help out with anything from
unloading to registration then please post in the
volunteer forum that is linked below. You will get
some special volunteer only swag!

6. Updated Spring 05 games
We have updated the list of games in the forum.
Below are some examples, and you can always
suggest a game in the forum. We are looking for
volunteers to help organize and run tourneys for
these games. We would prefer at least two people
to help with each game.
Battlefield 1942/DC/Vietnam/2 Unreal Tournament
2k3/2k4 Quake 1/2/3/4 Doom 3 Call of Duty/UO/2
Brothers in Arms Neverwinter Nights Street Fighter
Anniversary Soldier of Fortune 2 Battle for Middle
Earth Warcraft 1/2/3 and Starcraft America's Army
Half Life 2 Deathmatch Far Cry Act of War SW
Republic Commando Enemy Territory Painkiller Halo
PC Old School PC Arcade Halo 1/2 Mechassault 1/2
Sony Playstation Portable

7. We are happy to announce that Dlink will be
providing two of their Gigabit Layer 3 switches
for our backbone! They will also have swag and
prizes for us!

8. DFI commits to prizes for TXGF Austin
DFI will be providing a nForce 4 board for a
prize, as well as a good amount of swag!

9. Food and drink at TXGF
TXGF Spring Austin will have our best food to
date. We are bringing in on site smoked BBQ,
Bawls, Jolt, Mr. Gattis pizza, and Amy's Ice
Cream. If you have a suggestion let us know in the
TXGF Spring 2005 Austin forum.

10. Mod contest
The mod contest is heating up, and expect two
separate levels. We also want mods to be marked as
they are checked in. Check out more details in the
mod contest forum. We now have prizes from AMD
and Sapphire for mod contest prizes.

11. TXGF meeting this Saturday
It is for certain that we will have a meeting on
the 16th which will be our last major one the
weekend before the lan. We welcome volunteers,
tourney leads, sponsors, partners, and anyone
wanting more details to be at this meeting. It
will be held at 2PM at Waterloo on Burnet. More
details are on the main page of Watch
the site for meetings time and places, and expect
a few IRC meetings as well.

13. Looking for more groups to get on board
We have a lot of space at this Spring TXGF, and we
want to fill every inch. We are looking for other
gaming or related groups to get involved. If you
are part of a group, or know of one that might be
interested please let us know. The more activities
we can have at this gaming festival the more fun
will be had by all.
14. BYOC+, BYO Server, BYO Projector
We are allowing people to bring in a server.
There will be an additional $10 charge for
bringing one in. Also you can bring in a
projector for a $10 charge, and we will seat you
on a row where you will be able to use it.
15. Promotion, promotion, promotion
We certainly can use any help promoting on forums,
irc, and with flyers. We can possibly send some
of our flyers your way, or make some available for
download. If you would like to help promote
please let me know.
16. Sign-up, Sign-up, Sign-up!
I am often talking to people saying they are
coming to the lan, but they are not signed up yet.
We really need to get everyone signed up that
plans on coming. For one we need to plan on how
many tables, chairs, and power connections we need
to get everyone who shows up their space. The
more accurate count we have, the better we can do
this. Also when talking to sponsors they will
want to see how many people we have signed up.
The more signups, the easier it is to get prizes
and swag, that is for certain. Get signed up, and
make sure everyone you know is as well. It will
help us all out immensely!
17. Tourney Sign-up live! Mod contest sign-up
We have signups for many tourneys live. Currently
they are up for Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat,
Battlefield Vietnam, Call of Duty, Halo 2, Quake 3
Doom 3, Halo 2, Counter-Strike 1.6, Half Life 2
DM, and Unreal Tournament 2004. You can find them
here as well as the mod contest sign-up.