Attitudes towards Computer Science

The real issue is that with very few exceptions programmers/Computer Science are seen as "talent" to upper level MBA type management/execs ( The "suits"). "Programmers" in particular are just a commodity and you go find the cheapest ones you can hire/contract/outsource.

The problem with the cartoon, while funny, is that programming a modern video game (or most anything else) is not trivial for it to be done well. Something the "suits" apparently do not understand well. About anyone can write code, writing good code is a different story.

As far as math goes, how are you going to write a model of any physical phenomena or say use a Fourier transform for signal analysis if you don't understand the formula ? Is someone under the impression that to employ physics processing in making a barrel explode when a grenade goes off you just write:
Sub Barrel_blow
Barrel -explode -fire -flying_stuff
call Look_cool
end sub
You sure that was still engineering technology at SDSU? There IS a difference.

I was kind of vauge. I'm in a computer engineering technology degree program through Devry. Once my overseas tour ends I'm hopefully going to get picked up for a officer comissioning program and try to transfer my credits in comp eng technology into a traditional brick and mortar computer engineering program.

It sucks, and I'm probably going to be missing out on a TON of math/theory foundation which could screw my bigtime in the end, but really its the only choice I have right now.

If anything maybe the time I invest now will get me familiar and more comfortable with the traditional college later and I'll just retake a bunch of classes.