Attempted Steam hack

Aug 3, 2006
Woke up to an email from Steam saying that someone with a Russian IP address tried to log in to my account. Obviously they didn't get any further than the email authentication. Does this mean that they potentially had my password, since they got that far?
Most times when I log in from my phone or work computer and I get the email immediately asking me to enter my steam guard code despite entering my password correctly, that's why I'm assuming this foreign prick has my password.
Anyway, password has been changed.
such a cool story bro, tears are flowing through my eyes, i feel like my life is changed now, thank you.
Must have been a simple password if some "foreign prick" got a hold of it.
It was, I admit. I should have changed it eons ago. This experience made me rethink and change a bunch of my passwords to much stronger ones.
Prick did me a favor
Riveting tale, I have a movie producer friend, do you mind if I forward him your details and have him reach out regarding a possible movie deal?
At least your e-mail password was different, which is more than most people can say. Accounts get hijacked all the time due to people using the same password across services.
Someone also got into my account from a russian IP :) they even added their friends, I used my email to change the password, and started chatting with his friends, took them a few minutes to realize I wasn't Russian. Go Google translate go! hahahahahha
Glad I could entertain such a simple mind

yes, my mind was truly boggled, forget all about computer hardware and software, your post was the tipping point of ultimate logic and wisdom, i feel blessed for being able to read it.
On some of my throwaway accounts I leave simple passwords just to see how long they take to get owned.
That is still weird to me, I mean, I say lots of shit but it's for arguing a point ... this is just ... I'm bored with my life, and this is the best I can get type of shit posting.

That said... Don't think I've ever had an attempt on my account. However, I always get asked to put in a code if I were to attempt to log into Steam with the right password.