ATT Uverse Modems


Mar 27, 2003
Anyone using anything other then their piece of junk? I have dropped their TV service and only have the internet coming in on Uverse. My understanding its just ADSL2+ and I should be able to grab what ever modem and have this work correct?
Nope, that's not correct from my research into it. This is what I did.

Grab a router worth something, let WAN side go to DHCP (temporarily). Record the WAN IP, log into the UVerse gateway, go to Firewall -> DMZPlus (I May have locations mixed up, but search around for DMZPLus) mode and select your router from the lsit of DHCP clients. It will create a DHCP Reservation, but I still like to go back and make that the static WAN IP on my router of choice.

IIRC, that's all you really need to do to bypass most of the UVerse gateway stuff, shouldn't need to mess with firewall or anything. I have my own ASA and a wireless AC AP behind that, and my own managed switch, and it does fine for me for my very simple personal hosting needs. I haven't had my UVerse IP change in quite awhile (over 2 years - I believe it changed when we switches gateways, but that's a rare occurrence). That should get you what you need, report back with any issues. :)
No, uverse products are authenticated via 802.1x, without the embedded certificate in the uverse branded modems the modem will not authenticate.

Second, if you had uverse TV service you have VDSL service not ADSL2+

Third, stick with their modem and get your own wireless router. If you have a Motorola or Arris RG you will need to use "IP passthrough" on the RG to pass the public IP to your router. If you have a pace/2wire RG you will use "DMZ plus with IP passthrough".

Personally I have a /29 block of static IP's and I use the "cascaded router" function to create a static route on the RG that points to a pfsense box performing transparent ids. From there i assign my 5 available statics to 2 different routers, one for external services and another for client access.
I really hate paying them 7 dollars a month on top of my already overpriced service. I'll take the 10 dollar credit I got them to give me for the coverage of modem.

Seriously, fuck ATT and their shitty business practices. Locked into shit devices and shit products they offer.... If our government would only do things to help promote competition and allow other companies to come into markets... Man, if only the FCC did some kinda of... Net neutrality rules or something
Leaving ATT myself, had nothing but problems with them.

The first router they gave me caught on fire after a month. Over a 2 year span most service calls that were scheduled, no one ever showed up!!!
"ATT" - Please be home between 1-4
"Me" - Ok, I will have to take off work, because I can not work from home because my net is down.
............waiting waiting waiting
They never showed up.
"Me" Ummm I had a service call today, no one showed up?
"ATT" We do not have any records of you needing service, no tech was scheduled..
(this happened 3 times over 2 years)
Really hate ATT uverse for having all in one modems as the only option :( Makes me want to switch to comcast, but so far no downtime on uverse...

I heard of people just turning off the wireless option, adding in a router and set that into bridge mode as the easy way.