ATH-SR6BT low volume only in windows 10 (nevermind solved)


Mar 17, 2011
So a ~week ago I saw a daily sale on these ATH-SR6BT headphones on amazon for $65 bucks... so I decided fine why not? and in general they aren't bad for $65 they work good with my Galaxy S20 and my Kindle Fire 8", however with two different Bluetooth adapters these headphone are basically unusable in windows 10 due to low volume output.

With either the phone or the tablet these get loud enough, but they are not quite whisper quiet but well below my preferred listening volume on the PC? The volume / sound is also fine if I use a cable with my Creek OBH-11 headphone amp or whatever... I have other Bluetooth earbuds / a elecom bt headphone amp that work fine with windows 10 .. but these audio technia headphones just have very low volume with the PC?

Anyone have any ideas on this?

edit:: hmmm.. I swear I tried this before.. but somehow the headphone volume itself was set too low... messing around with the button has resolved the issue it seems..
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