AT&T Samsung Gear S3 Free w/1 month of DTVNOW service no contracts


Oct 23, 2007

I have directv satelite currently, and ATT wireless. So I tried in chat last night, they wouldn't do it (regular customer service since loyalty was closed). Then I called this morning and talked to a nice lady with loyalty department, and no questions or issues, she knew about it, and did it right away.

1 month for DTV now @ $10 and no contracts for my S3 classic that she already shipped. I have to add it to my AT&T plan however when I get it for the one month or whatever I am using it as part of the deal. But a free S3 is an awesome deal especially when I was considering buying one! No contracts and can cancel after just one month.

*** Make sure you ask for Customer Loyalty Department when you get the automated system asking you what you want to do. * . This is with AT&T Wireless.