ASUS Z97 Mark S Lucky Draw

Last year, the wife and I decided to get our selves a nice Christmas present. Good audio for the HTPC set up. We did our research, did our measuring, found the bits we wanted. Cool.
All the parts arrive in many many boxes. Cables are snaked through the basement for the rear channels, speaker cables cut and made, manuals read, all is well.

Or so we thought.

The measurements of the center channel speaker were off. At least the measuring we did. The intended location on top of the TV was a no go. Total no go. So... what to do. The odd shape for the center channel prevented the TV from sitting on it, so we needed a riser of some sort. I went downstairs to see what we had. Hmmm... found a shelf I used as a keyboard tray a while back. Perfect depth, perfect width.

What to rise it up with and keep it all clean looking.

Then there they were... numerous Aberlour "tubes" looking at me. Took the lids off 8 of them, then cut the bottoms off 4 of them (bottom 'lid is glued') ensuring each was different, to the specified height. Put lids on top and bottom... solid. Solid enough to hold up me, a 200 pound old guy.

Thus, riser for the center channel and raise the TV up to very comfortable height. Still need to pain the shelf black...

Modding skills. They come in handy for more than PC cases. :cool:
I had a daughter about a year ago, and she has taken my life hostage, and I don't even care!

I was digging through my pictures for a story to tell when I came across this one...

Last year there was an order for a rendering server, using several GPU's in tandem, which by the way gets really really loud when under load. There were well over 40 of these cards going, the ambient temps of each of the racks maintained 70C; however, some cards did not seem to handle it very well. We lost ~12 cards in total during the burn in phase, some due to splash damage.

Thankfully, they were covered under warranty, and at no cost, but it was certainly a blast witnessing the amount of raw power being consumed.

Speaking of cards in tandem, I am reminded of my madness when I used to fold and building a few of these quad 9800 GX2 rigs for the cause:

It was all good until the summer months when the in-laws came to visit and were sleeping in the adjoining room and these rigs set off the heat alarm in the smoke detectors ... mother-in-law wasnt thrilled but father-in-law, being hard of hearing, was none the wiser and slumbering while I reset the detector.
Best friend for life. I remember walking by a pet store and thinking, man, all those poor dogs there who are in puppy mills, I'd never buy from here and support them. But soon as I walked in I saw her, the smallest of the litter and nobody wanted her. Melted my heart and I paid the exorbitant price for her. Worth every penny.

So some amazing stuff in this thread I actually enjoyed just looking over the already posted stuff!! :D

Back in I think it was 2002 (Memory sucks... just saying) I was still working at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas as a Bellman. I've had the run in with many many celebs, I mean it's part of the job if you work in guest services. I never had any issue with meeting someone that just left me awestruck. Well..... when an older gentleman waiting in the lobby struck up a conversation I didn't think anything of it. Until I made the statement that he looked familiar somehow. He said his name was Chuck Yeager..... Then it hit me whom I was talking too....

I could feel my chin hit the floor....he probably thought I was a complete moron I asked him "ahh THE Chuck Yeager?" Which he amazingly graciously replied "Well... the only one I know!" He talked a little bit about flying, I tried to soak it in. I was just dumbfounded by someone who .... well I mean come on it's Chuck Yeager!! lol. That was the only time I actually was starstruck while on the job. I'll never forget meeting him, even though I am confident he long forgotten me lol. That's ok, it was more special to me then meeting ANY athlete or movie star.

Once upon a time earlier this week, I was in the Netherlands on vacation with a good friend of mine. It was our last day in Amsterdam and we were trying to think of what to do besides just stay in the hotel and pack our bags. So we went on down to the Heineken Experience museum and got an awesome tour.

Afterward, as we were leaving, we were given a voucher for a free shuttleboat ride to the Heineken store, where we would receive a free souvenir glass. Of course, we accepted On the boat ride, we ran into a group of New Zealanders who bought us a round of beers and then invited along to an ice bar.

We shared multiple drinks in below-zero temperatures, and then found an Irish pub down the street where we had burgers and beer.

It was a pretty fantastic conclusion to an amazing European vacation.

Anyhow, the pic is of our group at the ice bar. I'm the big guy on the far left.

Once upon a time I had to go out of town for training for 6 weeks .. when I got home, my wife asked me .. "honey, can you get me that one thing that is really high on the shelf in the pantry please .. I can't reach it" .. I said , "Ok .." ..

..I opened the door to the pantry and found .. Oz

..that was 7 years ago and I've been in love with him ever since.. I almost killed him a couple times though .. once after chewing up 4 of my $69 a piece injectors for a '99 cougar . .and other various times after chewing up other various things .. :p
I stumbled across some incredible advertising on a random site a while back. Normally I would have clicked to see what I won, but this just didn't make sense :D

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As far back as I can remember I have just been obsessed with Windows sounds. You know, that cacophony of "Dings" and "Da Da Dings" that Windows makes by default. Sometimes I just do stupid stuff just to hear the noises the warnings make. On Saturday nights I sometimes switch to the jungle theme. You know the one that has various critter noises and such. That Monkey sure does make an awful fuss, kinda like he just had his bananas repo'd or he placed 1st in a poo slinging contest. Oh the hours they do melt away.

I set out on a quest to see just how realistic I could make my beloved Windows Ear Porn. I started with a MSI Gaming 7 motherboard, added an i5-4690k CPU and 16GB G.Skill Trident PC3 DDR 2400 RAM. The sounds are stored on a Samsung 850 EVO drive along with Win 8.1. They are played out through an Asus Xonar STX sound card at 24bits and 192 kHz sample rate. I connected 3 Crown XTi 4000 amps via balanced connections. I have a pair of Martin Logan Prodigys bi-amped with 2 of the amps. One stereo amp drives the electrostatic panels and the other stereo amp drives the dual 10" woofers in each lower bass section. I also have a 3rd XTi 4000 bridged into mono driving an 18" JBL 2242H pro speaker I placed in a custom built 11 cu ft. 300lb cabinet. It's all crossed over in the digital domain so each amp just produces sound specifically for its appropriate driver. I also have a Klipsch RW12D powered sub on the left because more is better right?

I am just astounded at at the sound that little jungle monkey makes. He really sounds like he's right there in the room on my back.

Well, I must go now. It's Saturday once again and I must go change my Windows theme for tonight.

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After finally graduating with my BSEE degree and working for about a half a year I talked my wife in letting me use our full tax return for a new computer system. Being an engineer I did a lot of research and came away with a nice X58 ASUS build. As it has now been over 5 years from that build I have learned that I did well going so big on that build as I find it hard to get the cash to do another build. The system still runs great and I always earn to do another, but it is hard to build extreme systems all the time. A picture of my first build and a reminder of how much I miss building high end rigs that are a dream to use.

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Below is a picture of our dog , Bitsy. She is a rescue animal. We got her when she was 4 months old after she was mauled by another dog at the previous owner's home. Bitsy was the runt of the litter. We feed her well as a puppy, nursed her back to health, and showed her much attention ! Her current weight is just under 90 lbs. and she is now 5 yrs old. Bitsy enjoys afternoon naps on her couch partially covered with her fleece Batman/Spiderman blanket. She hates loud music which is unfortunate because I like to play heavy metal music loud and often in our home ! ha !

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Living at an apartment complex has its advantages. One of which is dumpster diving. about 4 years ago, I found this 28" LCD laying against the side of the dumpster. Brought it to my apartment and plugged it in. No image, but faint snapping sound and blip at the bottom of the screen. Key indicators that the problem is likely bad capacitors. Opened up the unit an sure enough, 4 leaking capacitors. I desoldered them and went to Tanner Electronics for replacements. Got home resoldered them, plugged in the LCD and...IT WORKED! Now, the LCD did not have a stand and I did not have a spare wall mount. So I took some measurements and went to Home Depot to gather parts to make a stand for it. I eventually made the stand you see below in the pictures. The LCD is now what I bring to QuakeCon each year. When others see the wooden stand, the ask about it, and I tell them the story I have just told you here.




This is a picture from my most recent vacation with family. I traveled with my wife, and our 4 year old son to Munich, Salzburg, Prague, and Vienna over the course of three weeks. We had a great time, and I was able to take some cool pictures which I like to do, just as a hobby. I use lightroom on my main machine to process my photos.
Over the years I had added more and more weight even though following the "tried and true" methods the doctors always gave me. I was shamed for not exercising enough and eating too much even though my journals showed otherwise. Turns out I was prediabetic for many years and that is what causes the rapid weight gain especially right before falling off the precipice and becoming fully diabetic.

Being fed up with the status quo and being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I started my own program - low carb, exercise, and no meds!

The program started with my weight at 389 pounds. A year and a half later (or there about) I am just over 200 pounds with around 30 to go. I am medication free and I have to be very careful what I eat.

The left side of the picture is me prior to reaching 389 (I was about 350 then). The one on the right is this last fathers day at a Japanese restaurant (yup, I ate a lot more carbs that day). For those who wonder, I am 6' 3" tall.

The woman on the right is my mate of 33 years. The one on the left is one of my daughters college professors.

Sandoval Ill, High School 1985, I got caught fighting with "Jimbo", the class bully. Right before the gym teacher takes us to the principal's office for (more) swats, a completely different kid "Curley" had a half-gallon size zip-lock full of weed fall out of his coat on the ground. Everyone in the gym class saw it hit the ground. No one said a word.

The gym teacher took the other kid (Curley) to the office. I gotta say, I felt like an evil kid for laughing at his misfortune. I swear my swats gave our principal's hands callouses, but not that day. I looked over at "Jimbo" and we both gave a sigh of relief.

I've been in taekwondo for a year now and I will be testing for my purple belt on August 10th. The whole time I've been learning taekwondo we've always practiced breaking boards with plastic. I get the reasoning as wood is expensive but nonetheless the cool factor of breaking a real wooden board is something I had not yet experienced. We just had a wood breaking night that was had to promote the gym and give kids a good time. I thought to myself 'my daughter just turned 5 how cool would it be if I brought her with'. I ended up bringing her with and she's very shy, but through strength, courage, and a lot of convincing from dad. She ended up breaking a board too! Very awesome Father Daughter moment we broke our first boards together I have more pictures but I will post the one that shows our end results.

One of the first few jobs I had in my life was working for Albertsons in Rapid City SD back in 1988/89.

One of the gals that worked in the cosmetics department since it opened relayed this story to me about the grand opening.

A day before the store was officially opened this little old man was shuffling down one of the isles looking a little lost so she asked him if he needed help. The old man in a polite voice said "Where do you keep the rubbers?" A bit taken aback and confused she asked him. "Umm What?" "Rubbers, you know where do you keep the rubbers." Embarrassed a bit she politely showed him where the "Rubbers" were kept. When they got there the old man says with a smile. "Not those rubbers... galoshes, the rubber overshoes you put on your feet." Beet red and embarrassed as all get out, she shows him where they are at.

A little while later one of the executives of Albertons introduces Joe Albertson to all the employees, that being the same little old man that asked where the "Rubbers" were at. ;)

I live in Washington state and back in 1980 I watched Mt St Helen's blow its top. The ash cloud blacked out the sky and in the middle of the day it became as dark as night. The ash came down with rain and the mixture turned to almost like concrete. Gutters were falling off of houses because of the weight.

This is what I saw as a kid.

When I look at the stars in the sky, I can actually feel hope again. The comfort of seeing that distant light lets me know that there is more to existence then the little we can perceive. Even seeing the miracles of our solar system is enough to give me the strength to continue to hope for a brighter future.
Once upon a time 4 years ago, [H]ard|OCP decided to throw a gaming party in Dallas.

Texas GamExperience was sponsored by AMD, Asus, and several other quality hardware vendors. I got a T-shirt. I got to see Dirt 3 for the first time, and try it out on the big triple screen, with the rumble chair. Awesomely fun.

A number of special guests attended, including JJ from Asus, and Paul Heimlich from YouTube, pictured here with Kyle, while they warmed up the guests prior to the hardware raffle.

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As I do try to do every year, a friend of mine and I went to Atlanta, for the DCI Southeastern Championships, to FINALLY see Carolina Crown win it. But I digress... In this case, I wanted to talk about the Santa Clara Vanguard, a favorite Drum Corps of mine (and my wife's top favorite), as their show "The Spark of Invention" really brings home the real beginnings of modern technology, with the invention of electricity. I highly recommend anyone who has never seen a DCI show to stop in on August 6, 2015 at your (hopefully) local movie theater, and watch as the 2015 DCI Championship Quarterfinals are broadcasted around the country by Fathom Events.

In 2011 I was working on a Satellite Media Tour for the film RIO. Jamie Foxx drop by to do the morning show circuit. It so happened that the pillow he was leaning on slipped off thru the back of the directors chair and unplugged his ear piece. He couldn't hear the station in his ear. :eek:

Like a pro Mr Foxx proceeded to tell his story and I ran on to the set, live, rewired his ear piece ( Mr Foxx didn't miss a beat ) gave all a thumbs up and we lived to tell the tale.

The End. :D

So almost a year ago, my wife and I decided to take out the trash before going for an evening walk around the neighborhood. However, upon opening the lid on the dumpster, we found ourselves a raccoon cowering in the corner. We suspect that it had climbed onto the lid and fallen in, and because the dumpster had been emptied earlier that day, it couldn't climb the metal sides to get out. Now, it appeared very scared and dejected, so we were pretty certain that it was not going to let us pick it up and carry it out (I was not about to risk being bitten by a scared wild raccoon). Fortunately for us, there was a random 2x4 behind the dumpster. So we took the 2x4, put a trail of chicken tender pieces (leftovers from our dinner) on the 2x4, and inserted it into the dumpster at an angle. We then tied piece of chicken onto a string and tempted the raccoon. Once he ate the piece off the string, we left the raccoon to its own devices (humans are scary after all). The next morning, all the chicken was gone and there was no longer a raccoon in the dumpster.
I assumed it survived and created the subject of my photo below:
I got thinking about this because some guys at work were talking abotu the movie Captain Phillips last night. In 2009, I was in the U.S. Navy stationed in San Diego. I had deployed aboard the USS Pinckney, a guided missile destroyer, as part of a small anti-submarine helicopter detachment from HSL-49 with two birds, Red Stinger 104 and 110. Eventually we ended up off the coast of Somalia for some counter-piracy ops (this is the same year the events the movie is based on took place). While we were there, we were notified that one of the captured ships named the MV Ariana was to be released as the ransom had been paid. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time it had been sitting the ship was no longer capable of moving under its own power and had many mechanical problems, and the pirates refused to get off of it. We spent the next few weeks making sure the vessel was secure, the crew was medically cared for, etc and our job with the helo's was to move people back and forth and carry barrels of F40 fuel over. Afterwards, due to the heat and heavy loads our aircraft were severely overstressed but they managed to get the job done. I'll never forget how bad of a shape those guys were in (especially the women on the crew), all they wanted was water and cigarettes. The way Captain Phillips showed how the pirates behave was nothing remotely close to the truth, in reality they come very close to animals in my mind.

You can see a couple of pictures here (don't ask whats up with the lady in red, I have no idea why those are there):

Here is a picture from my own camera of when we arrived and the pirates were still onboard, looking like total cool dudes with their disgusting sleeping area and RPG's.

It was a cold, dark, winter's night, December 2015. My computer was exhausted from hours of relentless overclocking, my customary activity for whiling away the long night hours. I was afraid it would melt from the savagery of my usage, so I removed the side cover and laid it gently on the front porch, warming my hands over its steaming interior. My Dickensian fingerless mittens were feeling better, when to my shock and horror, the rising heat loosened an icicle from the eaves above. Crash! It fell like an arrow of the gods into my exposed, naked computer. Fortunately, my motherboard was the Asus Z97 Mark S that I had won in a [H]ardOCP contest earlier in the year. The cruel ice was powerless to penetrate its mighty thermal armor. And thus Christmas was saved!

1970 Dodge Super Bee ugly yet beautiful. To me this is what a muscle car should be. The very first time I raced a car was against a Purple 1970 Dodge Super Bee. I was 17 and had just bought my first car a 1972 Build Skylark with a 350. I thought I was pretty bad ass. The guy wanted to race for whatever extra gas money I had which was about 6 or 7 dollars. This was in 1987 or so when gas was under a dollar. I followed him to a straight part of a highway that was close that had no traffic at that time of night. To make a long story short. He basically destroyed me right off the starting line. I never had a chance. I pulled back into the 7-11 we met at and he popped his hood. That's the first time I had ever seen a 426 Hemi in real life. He then offered me a ride where we did a standing burn out at a stop sign. It was incredible and I've never forgot that night.

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This is Wyatt, and he was the most ornery, loving mostly blind and deaf weiner with terrible teeth ever (by our experience).

Got him from rescue to replace a larger dog that was attacking our other 2 dachshunds (who was surrendered back to rescue and did find a good home). He fit right in with the other 2, even if he couldn't see or hear them or us too well. He had bad teeth from his time as a stray, so we got him with maybe half left.

Had to leave him with a pet sitter so the SO and I could go to my brother's wedding for the weekend. Should have known when the pet sitter met him and complained that "he licks too much!" and only wanted to spend 5 minutes meeting him, that there would be issues.

During rehersal dinner the pet sitter starts calling. "He won't get off the bed!" "He snapped at me!" "He doesn't listen to commands!" (Really, a mostly deaf dog doesn't listen to commands? How odd.)

When we got back he was locked in his cage. We suspected that he had spent the rest of the weekend there too, after she got him off our bed somehow. He wasn't trusting anymore. He would bite if you touched him until he could smell who you were. It took us another almost 2 years to finally get him to mellow out enough and back close to the dog he was when we got him.

Anyways, last year, in february he started having seizures. We got them under control with medication. Then, mid-July, he started having problems breathing after having the last of his teeth removed in March, due to ongoing dental issues. Vet thought at first it was an infection left over from the dental surgery, as his teeth had been quite bad. Tried treating it, but it got worse and worse. Then they told us it was cancer. Too aggressive to do more with treatment then extend his life a few more months at best.

So the start of August, 2014 we let him go. It was tough, but at least we had him for the time we did.
(Sorry for the downer story. It's coming up on the anniversary of losing him, and I really like the picture from when we first got him. Here is a bonus with the 2 others in the front and Wyatt trying to figure out a chair in the background, just to lighten up the mood.)

TL;DR This is Wyatt. He was a good boy who died last year.
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Dis ma kitteh. Kitteh likes ASUS. Kitteh want kool muddaboard!!

Actually Gene here is older and fatter now. That's him as a kitten. He and his brother were abandoned in my old apartment complex parking lot. I took in Gene and my neighbors took in his brother. To this day I have no clue how anyone could abandon such an awesome kitty.

My first experimentation with multithreading was an Asus board. With my two Althon MP CPUs in tandem this was my first computer ever with a super smooth interface we now take for granite with modern multi-core systems. No matter how much IO was going on with the hard drive (or worse floppy disk IO) the cursor in windows and the activity in my games never stopped, stuttered or froze.

I’ve tried boards from Iwil and MSI and while good products they just did not compare to Asus. I once spent a week trying to get a new system to work, the MSI board just would not communicate with my new pair of hard drives. After multiple emails to MSI and combing deep and dark forums I discovered that the drives used a newer command structure or some such and the MSI board just wasn’t compatible. I also found that while Asus had initially had the same problem with their current top of the line board a bios fix had already been posted resolving the issue MSI was still not seemingly aware of.

In short I have always had good support from ASUS. I even remember the one time I needed to RMA a board from Asus. My father and I took a drive down to the San Jose area where we could drop it off in person at an Asus shipping center. I thought that was pretty neat.

My current Asus Sabertooth 990fx (r1) with it’s AMD 8350 and Nvidia GTX 680 4GB handle every game and application I want it too, usually at the highest in-game settings at 5760*1080.

The Sabertooth Z97 Mark S feature list is impressive. With this motherboard and an i7 matched with a 980 ti I would be able to take framerates from acceptable to the same buttery smooth as my first Asus dual socket MP motherboard.

All in all 4k is nice. I will, for now, stick with my homegrown ‘3K’

I was out in the parking lot at work yesterday and I found a dime. ...I just thought you should know.

I spent the next 40+ minutes dreaming about what I would buy with this shiny new currency as I rolled it between my fingers; would I buy a condo in Florida? A few shares of Microsoft stock? Perhaps a long-term lease on a red sports car. Hey, a dime goes a long way in this life - but I don't have to tell you that.

But my smile faded as I thought of the person who had lost the dime. Had they pulled their keys from their pocket and not heard the tinkle of that smallest of U.S currency hitting the blacktop?

Perhaps they had carried this dime with them every day for many, many years as a good luck charm. Perhaps they pulled out of the parking lot and were involved in an accident a few minutes later.
Maybe the dime-less person went to lunch and while eating at a trendy bistro they looked at the bill and after adding the appropriate tip they saw it was $15.10 and they were overjoyed that they had exact change but when they reached into their pocket and noted that their dime was gone they became depressed and went home with 90-cents in change in their pocket and drank a whole bottle of anti-freeze...

Was this dime in my pocket the cause of someone’s death?

I began to wonder if this person, now 10-cents short of a buck, had walked down the street and bumped into the man, back then a boy, who had bullied him in elementary school. This bully and Mr. Nodime would have chatted amicably at first but the conversation would have lead inexorably to the time the bully loaned our poor dime-less person a shiny new dime which had never been re-paid.

Perhaps this 1/10th of a dollar I was holding was the coin this person was going to use to get payback on this brute that terrorized young children for his own enjoyment! Would my dime-less friend reach into his pocket while shouting into the bullies face; "I GOT YOUR STINKING DIME YOU SON-OF-A-GUN! ...AND I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON IT!!!" ...but he would have drawn his empty hand from his pocket and looked in shocked disbelief - barely able to understand where that dime had gone. I looked at my dime, once his dime, and wondered how severe a beating the bully would dish out when he realized he was still a bully all these years later – and was still not going to get his dime.

As I stood there wondering if this dime was meant for some charity, some great cause that was only a single dime short of reaching its goal, I realized that this dime was special. This dime was going to change my life for the better. This dime was going to lead to a whole new life full of success and happiness for me, my family, and anyone I passed in the street. I smiled my biggest smile and went back to work – to work harder than I had ever worked before. And when I got home that evening, tired but satisfied, I reached into my pocket and realized I had lost the dime.

Oh well, it was just a dime.

So I took the plunge and dived into reloading a newer caliber of the ar-15, 25-45. there are reloading dies at the time i bought them but no brass and no brass gauges still. I started with resizing .223 brass to the 25 cal, which was easy, but then i messed up. As the picture shows, seating the bullet the an utter fail. Took me a few hours to figure out the brass wasn't resizer enough. I figure it out by loading the empty brass into the chamber and looked for a closed bolt. After many and many resizing, I was able to have the bolt lock into the barrel. That one bullet you see at the bottom it my first completed round, minus powder and primer.

Then, the company started offering 25-45 brass and a fast twist barrel. :( I wished I waited, I made 500+ 25cal cases over a few weeks with bunch of blisters.

this is a art project that I made while in college. I repainted a hood from a 1969 pontiac catalina which i had actually shipped to myself from colorado. the car was later stolen from me and stripped down for parts by someone who i am no longer friends with. I made a stencil that reads EO 10990 which is the executive order that allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports. I used house of kolor for the bright green, ppg pontiac verdoro green for the dull green on the outside, and used a random silver that was leftover paint that a body shop donated to me for the project. I did all of this in a single stage base coat with no clear. it took me forever to make the stencil which i airbrushed and used hvlp for the greens. i worked really hard on this hood and a couple other projects that i had to turn in for my senior project to receive my BFA. i'll miss that catalina. she was an amazing car :(

So, once upon a time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, and they lived [H]appily ever after.

The end.

P.S. - It was Water-cooled.

me and my dog
we love to play and sleeps on an ottoman by the PC when I'm screwing around

This weekend I worked with my kids to show them how to build a computer. They wanted new computers since their laptops were no longer performing well for their gaming. I had some left over tax refund and decided to go ahead and get the parts, with the stipulation they were going to build them. I started researching the motherboard and told my son what to look for, he had given a recommendation but after I looked up the reviews; had my sons watch as I brought up this site and searched. The motherboard did not get good reviews so we had to look again, needless to say the boys had gotten a bit frustrated in looking for parts as we had to scrap first choices and look again. We did not have a lot of money and wanted to get the best we could with performance and durability.

Getting all the parts took about 1.5 weeks plus shipping time, we have not gotten a video card yet but still looking for one: using on-board for now. They had built the computer last weekend, I had explained each part; (1) why it was chosen, (2) asked them what it was and how it was used, explained the part if they did not know (3) showed where and how to install the part. They did very well, I had to assist with some items, like the cooler for the CPU. It would not stay clamped and gave us a hard time.

I was impressed, building the machines took a while but they were determined to build them without complaining and very proud when it was done. They have more of an understanding of computers and what is needed for games as opposed to just basic computer use. Even with the on-board video, the computers are running fantastic we cannot wait until the video card is installed.

The next day we ran Ethernet cables to their rooms, so I taught them how to manage cables with runners and wall mounted tubing. They really learned a lot working on this project and are very happy with the results. I would love to win this Asus board to start me on my path to building my new computer since the kids can now help me.

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Check your PMs. One of you has a message in your inbox. :)
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