Limp Gawd
Apr 4, 2008
Hi Guys,

I had just pre-ordered the Intel's 9900k, and need your help picking out the motherboard.

In the past I always had Asus and it served me well, never had a Gigabyte board. I will also be getting an nvme drive 2GB & will be re-using my GTX 1060 8GB.

Aside from the visual e statics what would be the main difference between the 2 options? What would you go with?

PC will be used for Gaming. Will be performing an overclock 5Ghz+ with 32GB or 16GB of RAM (3200+).

Option 1 - Asus

Option 2 - Gigabyte

(I do like the silver m2/nvme plating look on the Gigabyte)

Thanks in advance.
Saw Steve from Gamers nexus about the new Gigabyte boards, while he was not commenting on the board hardware quality itself, he is not a big fan of Gigabyte's BIOS' which seem to be not too intuitive and not always clear as to what certain options do.

So depending on how hard you want to push things you may want to opt for the more robust Asus bios options otherwise grab the one with the best feature set for your needs.

Fwiw, I'm curretly running an ASrock X299 Taichi board and a Gigabyte X370M board and both serve me well without much issues but I'm running the AMD system stock other then a memory OC of 3.200Mhz
Haven't seen any recent GB board BIOSes, but in the X38 days, the BIOS already had odd settings with very little documentation.
Im leaning towards the ASUS XI Hero and almost ready to pull the trigger. If anyone has a better recommendation for the Z390 board, plz let me know now :) Thanks.
I actually think the supermicro offerings look pretty good on paper. Will like to see some reviews.
Went with the Hero myself on my upcoming 9900K build. Been using Asus the past 3-4 builds and i haven't had many problems with them. So going with what i know. (Knock on wood) :notworthy:
gigabytes BIOS is a cluttered mess, plus i hate the way they do voltage settings. OP, imo look at MSI "MEG" series boards, if you are looking for mid-highend 1151, msi has really stepped up their game the past few years and i think you will be pleasantly surprised. I have the MEG ACE sitting here waiting for a 9900k to mate with its sexy LGA pins