Asus Vivobook random shutdown.


Jan 4, 2021
I have a friends Vivobook X540B with dual core A6-9225, 8GBram (upgraded from 4GB) and 500GB HDD

He brought it to me as it started shutting down randomly. It worked anywhere from 15min to about an hour before shutdown.
I figured it might be the battery, so I removed it and indeed it worked past 1 hr..2 3hrs so I tought that was it, then after about 5 hrs... shutdown.
Nothing on the logs besides the unexpected shutdown.

I noticed there were several updates pending so I proceeded to apply them. It took like 6 hrs to apply them all, then asked for restart. During startup more updates were applied, since it was late I left it for the night. Next morning the Lap was off, but the updates were applied.
Now the tricky part, I checked the logs again and still nothing strange, so I checked if it shutoff during the night before, the logs from the day before were gone, actually no logs since december 2019. I'm sure I checked the logs that day and they were there, but now they're gone.

I already tested with different memory, and a different charger, and the problem persists. It can last for hours, but it still randomly shuts down.
The mobo/cpu doesn't even feel hot to the touch, nor the HDD. The cpu fan works.

Also nothing weird on the startup on the registry, nor any malicious process running.

Any ideas?