Asus VG236H 120hz 3D Monitor Review


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Jan 9, 2010
Despite coming out in 2010 this monitor is still relevant considering that it is the only glossy Nvidia 3D compatible display and is the most widely and consistently well reviewed 120hz display.

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Thank you for the review. The trailing seems pretty visible for anything below TraceFree 80, though.

But 16:9, TN, glossy - ugh! :( Will we ever get 120 Hz, 16:10, IPS?
noob question here, but what is the benefit of 120Hz? From what I understand a 120Hz display can show a maximum of 120 fps. Compared to a 60 HZ display that can only show 60 fps. But can the human eye even see the difference between 60 and 120 fps?
The human eye can.

You are correct, 120hz is 120 frames per second, and 60hz is 60 frames per second.

That is the monitor refresh speeds.

That doesn't take into account the time it take for your CPU/GPU to actually render a frame and dispatch it over to the LCD.

On a 120hz monitor, the frame that was dispatched from the PC will have been waiting anywhere between 0-8.3ms, where as on a 60hz monitor it would be between 0-16.6ms.

To simplify this,

A 120hz monitor will introduce no more than 8.3 ms of latency to your graphics output.
A 60hz monitor will introduce no more than 16.6ms of latency to your graphics output.

What does that mean?

Using a 120hz helps get you the images rendered by the PC twice as fast as a 60hz display.

Remember that there are a lot of things that go into sending those photons of light toward your eyes.
User Input (KB/Mouse)
CPU/GPU renderings of the environment and your inputs
Dispatching of the rendered image to your display device
Your display device adjusting its pixels to show you the image produced by the CPU/GPU.
Awesome NCX, as per usual.

Deals thread has the 27" 750 @ $400, whereas the 24" xl2420t is priced at $400 from BenQ.

Not sure if the glossy Asus has dropped at all since I last checked, it's hard to find the 'HE' version in stores and I'm afraid to order online; but I did pick up the 'H' model to test it out.

The glossy TN was absolutely brilliant in my dark room. Matte is so bland to me in comparison.

I'm still not sure which one I'll get, but any of those three are huge upgrades in comparison to my current Acer.
I almost got one of these, the glossy screen is the only thing that kept me away (I'm in a pretty bright room). I've said it in other threads, if you are buying the monitor primarily for 3D gaming you really should wait to see if they come out with a lightboost version of this. The 27" version is great if you manage to get one free of the backlight issue.
NCX - Thanks for the review! I just got one of these monitors to replace a 20WMGX2. I can already tell that the colors won't be as nice, but the extra size and responsiveness is much appreciated.

Do you mind posting your calibrated settings for the monitor? I know the settings will vary between monitors, but I would like to have a good baseline. Thanks!

EDIT: Nevermind, I found the settings in the youtube link. Thanks again for the excellent review!
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NCX- how/where can I find the english prad review of the xl2420t? I can't read German and when I use their site's search tool, the review is nowhere to be found...
I got this monitor and I've been using it with my AMD HD6950 for 2D only. I'm glad I got glossy because now that I'm used to it every time I look at a matte screen all I can see is the rainbow specks when viewing white colors.

The only complaint I got is that it ditched the VGA/D-SUB for a Component connection. I have an old Xbox 360 without HDMI and using a VGA cable gets notable better picture than Component.
Just got this monitor in the mail today. Got it for $150 on amazon warehouse. I must say I'm really impressed with it so far. 120hz is a lot more noticeable than i thought it would be.
Just got this monitor in the mail today. Got it for $150 on amazon warehouse. I must say I'm really impressed with it so far. 120hz is a lot more noticeable than i thought it would be.

Damn wish i saw that deal :(

Im finding it increasingly difficult to find this monitor in fact.
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Yeah. It was used but arrived just like new. No stuck pixels and whatnot. The only thing that stinks is the viewing angels. I slouch a lot and it sucks when everything just goes dark
If it's getting hard to find, perhaps there's a new version incoming?

Trying to figure out if I should pick one of these up while it's on clearance or wait and see :/
if you could get a good deal on it then i would go for it. I really like its glossy screen. I tried the LG w2363d and much prefer the asus to it. I returned the LG cause of the matte screen. I guess it's all preference though.