Asus T100


Nov 8, 2005
I am planning on trading for an Asus T100 and would like to hear from owners that have this tablet. Pros and Cons. I'm really was looking for a TF700 android but thought i would try out this windows tablet platform
I've had one for a month or so, I use it as either a travel laptop or something to grab when running to a client site where I don't want to lug my fullsize laptop.

good battery life, although it can be variable. Sometimes in standby it will go a long time with minimal power loss (maybe 1% every few hours) other times it's like 2-3% an hour. No rhyme or reason to it, besides it's just windows. People get better standby by by making sure it's undocked, they keyboard apparently has some additional parasitic drain, but I use mine mainly as a laptop.
speed is pretty good for what it is.
decent storage options, I have the 64 gb, I nuked the drive and reinstalled win 8.1 pro (so I could get full bitlocker, and wipe the recovery partition to get that 8gb or so of space back) + SD card option.
asus seems to have been pretty good about tweaking this thing, lots of bios and driver releases bringing improvements lately.
USB charging. This is gold for traveling, I can charge easily in the car, from a portable battery back, one less power brick to lug around, and can find a replacement anywhere.
I like the split of the mini-usb (works with usb-otg) on the tablet part, and the usb3 port on the keyboard dock.
speakers seem decent for what they are.

screen isn't very bright, I have some backlight leakage in a couple spots also when on a pure black screen.
screen doesn't tilt back quite as far as I'd like when in laptop mode, leading to hunching a bit. Another 15 degrees or so would be perfect, but it would probably tip over then.
charging can be slow, seems a little picky on chargers and cords to charge at full rate. A dedicated charging cable seems to help.

Overall, I like it. I looked at some smallish laptops, and while those offered more speed and could put a real SSD in there, they came with cooling fans/noise and heat issues.
I had mine about 2 weeks before I returned it...

Obviously the build quality is on the poor side, naturally expected at this price range. There was some creaking from the tablet bezel and the keyboard has some flex. But the build quality didn't really bother me much. What did bother me was the slippery glossy plastic back of the tablet. I don't think it would have added much to the cost to add a texture or something to it.

The display was okay. I did find it on the dim side, but perfectly serviceable indoors. At least it was IPS.

The speakers were a pleasant surprise, they were quite loud. Not really good quality, but you'll at least hear them.

The performance was good too for a Z3740 SoC. The eMMC was quite fast for eMMC, I recorded 100Mb/s read and 40mb/s write sequential performance. And the micro SD slot performed well and didn't seem to bottle neck my Sandisk UHS-1 64GB card, got 40Mb/s from that.

The keyboard was the downfall for me. The keys felt fine and I could type well with all the keys except the spacebar. The problem being the keyboard seems to be sunk down too far from the palm rest. And my thumb was frequently hitting the edge of the palm rest when I was going for the space bar. I couldn't type reliably on this, so couldn't keep it.

For it's price, there really is nothing that seems to compare with this if you want a 2-in-1 with detachable tablet. But I didn't find the keyboard to be on par with the Transformer keyboards on Android 2-in-1s.