ASUS Strix Z270I Gaming Motherboard on the Test Bench


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May 18, 1997
Going into Friday afternoon I always find it a smart idea to leave a new motherboard cooking on the test bench, as the 70F+ weather and sunshine here in Texas is calling my name to a patio and cerveza somewhere. The ROG Strix Z270I Gaming motherboard showed up here this week, so it is our next bench honorary.

ROG Strix Z270 motherboards continue the proud legacy of the Pro Gaming series with acclaimed ROG innovations. ROG Strix Z270I Gaming motherboards combine a compact, mini-ITX form-factor with bold aesthetics, premier performance, and incredible audio to deliver gaming experiences with punch and unrivaled style. Support for the latest Intel processors and technologies, plus exclusive ROG innovations - such as the revolutionary double-decker heat sink — take performance to the next level to give you the edge against opponents.
why does it not have an AMD GPU installed ? .. oh thats right you want it to work ...

looking forward to this review ..enjoy the sunshine man
No post functionally complaints from mine, I generally hate ASUS, but got browbeaten into because it was a solid deal. The bios are impressive and elegantly designed.

Getting it going was kind of a bitch

1. Literally nothing was recognized in Windows 7(yeah yeah windows 10 blah blah blah gfy), not even usb so not native way to get drivers going. I ended up popping the M.2 card I bought recently a 525Gb crucial MX300($100) into my (Ironic) Asus ROG work laptop throwing the drivers on there and then I got it going pretty smoothly.
2. If you use an m.2 drive it takes up your first Sata Slot so out of your 6 6Gb Sata ports you only have 5. I kept thinking my cables were bad or a bad port, but finally verified it.
3. I used the auto OC to put it up to 4.5Ghz on a 7700K and haven't messed with it since.
4. I like the fan control a lot it's cute
5. Boot system is good, no complaints.

As an old bastard it's weird to have Bios that are now as flush as a small bootable OS, with gui and full mouse & keyboard support. I grimace remembering the old days of old cryptic menu systems.

Oh fair warning it's built for us GD Youths with our spinning lights and Glow sticks. If you use a case with windows this fucker will light up your room like its christmas at George Clintons house. I'm sure you can turn it off but GFY! *INSTS INSTS INSTS!*
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Excellent! This is #1 on my list if I ever upgrade this year.

A first review showed up last week and I kept a spot for your review here as I knew it would come.
70 degrees.......

Come up here to my house and shovel some snow.......

Beer is colder when packed in snow......
I have leet RAMz.

*correction* Im using the 270E. I dont know what the Z270 I is. Not listed on amazon. Too many fuckin variants.
Kyle, I've got a few questions about the board I'm hoping you can help with since you've actually got your hands on one for testing...
  1. What wi-fi chipset is being used? The product page doesn't say which leads me to assume that it's not Intel.
  2. What is underneath the IO shield around the wifi adapter? Can you please unscrew it and take a look? I'd like to know if it's possible to replace the wifi mpcie card (assuming it doesn't come with Intel).
Thank you very much! Very happy to see HOCP's review for this board. :D
Qualcomm Atheros QCA61-X4A

I am not going to start dissecting it in middle of testing. Sorry.