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Dec 31, 1969
Another review of the ASUS STRIX Gaming GTX 1080 8GB video card has popped up on the internet today. This time around it is the crew from ocaholic doing the reviewing. For comparison purposes, you can see our evaluation here.

The STRIX Gaming GTX 1080 8GB is ASUS' latest and greatest single GPU graphics card, which comes with a factory OC, that pushes really hard on the new Pascal GP-104 chip. In combination with the vendor's DirectCU III cooler this might be silent yet very powerful solution for gamers wanting to push UHD at high levels of detail. We're certainly curious to find out what this beast can do.


Apr 3, 2016
As a heads-up and just to add.
Asus created a 1.2V BIOS some time ago specifically for the Asus Strix Gaming model, it has been updated a few times as well.
However if intending to run it on air then the only way possible would be to be an open bench with 2 extra good external fans pointing to the card and the Strix fans at 100% (this is the same approach that buildzoid took with the XFX 480 recently when heavily clocking on air), not really feasible for most so it is fair to say was mainly designed for water/LN testing.
On air though one of the international OCers managed 2300MHz, even he recommends water.
No idea if the BIOS has broadly been distributed or not (make sure not the initial release), been used by some and definitely should not be used for any other Pascal GP104 cards, I have noticed others trying some of these custom BIOS for their own models but at best all you do is decrease the efficiency of the GPU without any real gains, and could screw up the card over time as their HW spec may not be up to it.
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