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May 18, 1997

The ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 O8G GAMING offers up a good balance of performance and features. The question is, at the $600 price point, does it actually provide the best gameplay experience when you compare it with an AMD Radeon RX Vega 64? We put these two video cards head to head in this evaluation.
thanks for the review.. Giving me options to consider on my next upgrade!

I think it's really important to add DLSS in future reviews, as it does change the situation as to where RT will be playable.
Pay $600 and RTX feature is not usable at 1440p? Well it is more worth the money than Vega 64 at current pricing. Some great deals for the Vega 56 which is more in line with a 2060, less than $300 for the MSI Air Boost version with 3 games - hard to beat that price for that momentary point in time. Almost feels like AMD has given up and has little answer to the march of Nvidia. The ASUS card is nice but just overpriced to point of zero interest.
It's really unfortunate that these cards still clock in around the $600 mark. I feel like anything 500 or more is really reserved for the 'why not just get a 2080 for 4k'.

Price aside the card is still a strong performer given the (lack of) competition it's facing.
Great review, and I appreciated the Vega 64 being used as a comparison as that's the exact card I've got.

A note, Vega pricing has been fluctuating wildly lately, sometimes with very deep discounts. I picked up a Vega 64 (the same Strix OC model you tested with) for $425 USD last month. At that price, it was unbeatable by any other card, including both 10- and 20- series.

I've seen this sale come and go a couple times, at least here in Canada, and while stock is certainly limited it isn't nothing. Two of my friends have gotten an Asus Vega 56 during these sales for $330.

If those prices/sales continue, then it's a whole different ballgame of value proposition. I expect the sales to continue until stock of the Vega cards is totally out (in preparation for the Navi launch in August).
Last sentence in the review:
"The ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 O8G GAMING video card to have for the best 1440p gameplay in today’s latest games."
Needs editing.

Very nice review all around. The ASUS cards are really nice. I loved the 1070 STRIX, quiet and reliable.
I'm just having trouble with some of this.

Yup, the 2070 is "faster" than the Vega.
The Vega was barely competitive with a 1080. so no surprise.

The 2070 on the other hand care barely deliver on what it is touted to be made for......RTX and DLSS, etc.

So essentially, both cards are big fails at their price points.
ASUS HAS A USELESS WARRANTY. Avoid their cards like the plauge.

This is a long one. I wrote an article regarding mine and other's experience with Asus LACK of an actual RMA department. It seems they just stockpile defective graphics cards and motherboards and send those to customers having issues.

This is a big ask, but this needs attention. The abuse that us customers are going through is ridiculous and has to be brought to light. Asus has now turned to ignoring me, my only recourse is to advise the community of their horrible practices. Please share this on the front page, I know [H]ardOCP is winding down, but, Kyle if you can, this needs attention.

Thank you;

- Rauel Crespo
I've always heard horror stories about ASUS warranties, but I've never experienced them myself. I've been through their warranty department one time and it was a solid experience. In fairness, I haven't ever needed ASUS warranty support beyond that as I've never had anything of theirs fail on me that I purchased with my own money. So far I've killed on ASUS motherboard on the test bench (which ASUS offered to replace) and had one in my personal system fail, but that board had no warranty as it was a sample board.