ASUS ROG Delta Sexcessories Headset


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May 18, 1997
ASUS unveiled today at Computex its new ROG Delta headset. Overlooking all the Frag Harder Disco Light goodness, the Delta looks to possibly have some serious chops when it comes to sound. Of course you never know till you stick the things on your melon. These are not wireless (Boo!) but these are USB type C connectible. Too bad that none of us have a Type C port on the front of our cases. Yeah, it is sexy.

Also, the quad DAC configuration with four ESS Technology DAC chips "ES9218" is also a big feature. A DAC chip mainly designed for mobile terminals that also supports high resolution reproduction of up to 384 kHz / 32 bits. By allocating the on-board DAC for each frequency band, we pursued an accurate and clear sound. According to the managers in charge, "It will make it easier to grasp the position of the enemy and the position of the explosive sound, because of the three-dimensional feeling."


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Aug 17, 2005
is it just me or does triangle looking headsets just looks funny to me? that and when sound cards start using usb c jacks, stuff like this becomes more relevant to me! lol


Nov 18, 2008
is it just me or does triangle looking headsets just looks funny to me? that and when sound cards start using usb c jacks, stuff like this becomes more relevant to me! lol

just looking at the still shot of them says to me they would likely be as uncomfortable as hell A and B how many "smartphones" are you aware of that use USB of any type let alone type C?

most smartphone makers want to outright ditch anything but bluetooth/wireless connection style (which has many of its own issues) not counting cost and availability of, for sure works without a flaw or scrambling your brain EMI LOL.

I like 3.5mm jack myself, you can use all out studio (6.3mm/TRS) style headset or gaming headset/earbuds or even plug in other devices such as a credit card swipe reader or an electronic stylus among other things.

pure bluetooth/wireless vastly limits what IS available CURRENTLY often at a higher price because of the cost of making it bluetooth/wireless (go figure)

wireless/bluetooth of any sort are "designed" to accept all forms of interference intended or otherwise, which means even more likely to fry your brain or electronic devices ^.^


not many computers that I know of use or have available to them USB 3-3.1 let alone USB-C, many cases do not provide it and even with say laptops (generally the pricier ones) have at most 1 available for use.

what motherboard makers tend to do, not include the plug to give it to whatever case you attach it to because not all cases include it either, or if you do use it, it might disable something else (sata ports or whatever)

spin it just a wee bit and likely will completely remove any potential noise isolation they may or may not have, maybe even cut your ears right off.

RGB as far as the eye can see everywhere, all of them seem to use proprietary software to "enable" which rarely seems to work out of the box like it should be doing, even when they market the shit out of such to promote "easy to use and adjust" often ends up being way more limited and less than user freindly as they otherwise claim (Asus is among the worst of them for just "not working" or just up and stop functioning because of shoddy or non existent software to backit.

pretty soon you will be able to see the human at one million paces because we are all lit up like RGB Christmas trees. scaring wildlife and bejesus while we attempt to "fit in as a gamer"


just another way to make a quick buck FML.


Apr 28, 2007
Great DAC chip.
Now did they follow up with a great amp, speakers and acoustic cavity design.
Thats just from the sound quality angle.
The triangle earpieces dont look like it is the primary focus.
Trendy r us.
asus delta rog