Asus ProArt B650 Creator, or AsRock B650 Taichi?

Peat Moss

Limp Gawd
Oct 6, 2009
I like the current line up of B650 boards. and can't afford to go to the higher end x670 ones.

Both B650 boards are on sale now. Can't make up my mind.

The AsRock Taichi is $200 more, but has a USB4 port (not just a header), clear CMOS button (not just a header), and better audio. Not sure about other details.

The Asus has, I think, a better UEFI (but I've not worked with either UEFI before) and I think better fan control software.

Thoughts? Do you think prices will drop further towards the summer? I'm wondering whether to buy now at the current sale, or chance it and wait. I do need something by the summer though.


Limp Gawd
Nov 30, 2018
Looks like this post didn't get any love. For the price difference, I'd probably just get the ASUS, even though I prefer AsRock boards, and they're usually a better deal. But at that price difference, you could just save the dough and get a B750 down the road if needed.