Asus PB278Q vs Benq GW2765HT


Dec 9, 2006
I'm pretty dang ready to pull the trigger on one of these beasts but I really have no idea which one to grab. Primary difference between the two from my perspective is that one is IPS, which seems to me like a trendier buzzword, while the other is PLS, which I also have no clue what it *really* means. Second, I've owned a bunch of Asus stuff before and have had overall good results. I've only owned one Benq product for about a month back when I flipped laptops for fun. It was a nice machine but it was ages ago and is in no way enough experience to claim that I have any clue about the brand. If I were in an alleyway at gunpoint and someone said "choose now!" I would go Asus. Is that a good call or is IPS actually a big enough deal that I should go for the Benq?
Both monitors are IPS monitors. I briefly had the PB278Q, I ended up taking it back because it had severe backlight bleeding in the bottom right corner and Fry's didn't have anymore in stock so I went up to the PB287Q. I didn't have the Benq monitor as an option so I can't really compare the two, but had the backlight not been an issue I'd probably still be using the PB278Q.
so what you think of going from PLS (Samsungs version of IPS) to 4k TN panel?

hows 4k at 28 inch?
I've absolutely loved 4k since I first got it, they say IPS is superior to TN as far as colors are concerned, but since I'm not doing video/photo editing I don't notice it. It has some quirks depending on what games support 4k and if you use a multi monitor setup with a lower res monitor, and you definitely need a high end GPU with a minimum of 4gb (I believe 6gb+ is preferred) otherwise your games will look phenomenal but your framerate is on the floor. Text can be painful to read if it doesn't scale up properly.

I recommended it to a coworker and he's also in love with it. For me now that I've grown accustomed to it I could never go back to gaming on a lower res monitor.
I ended up getting the HP Envy 32 to get more size. I upgraded from a 24" 1920x1200 and the relative size of everything seems about the same; meaning more screen real estate with no added strain on the eyeballs reading small text. It's a 2k screen, which I went for so I wouldn't have to constantly be upgrading graphics cards and hopefully will save me some money in the longterm. If you look at people's thoughts on the monitor, most people say it's a good display and they wish the speakers were detachable... It might be a touch lower quality than the 24 I used to use, but I don't have any complaints around the color or motion and I'm pretty picky... but the speakers are lame and should be detachable. For the price:size ratio, it's phenomenal and I have no regrets.