Asus P6T deluxe vs Asus P6T


Jul 17, 2005
Ive been looking at these two boards for my new i7 720 build. I've looked at them both and am trying to weight whats more important.
Deluxe has 2 extra USB ports in the back and an extra LAN port, that's the part that appeals a little more the LAN port.
The regular only has 2 extra odly and hard to get to sata ports and its also a little more economically feasible.
I bought a P6T and I'll be assembling it today.

having less LAN or SATA ports didn't bug me. The only thing i really looked at was the 8phase power against 16 from the Deluxe. Will that make me OC less?
What I really want them to release is the p6t deluxe v2. Supposively the will get rid of the raid controller or something similar. Its back to square 1 with a new build, learning about all the new released stuff.
I'm thinking about picking up DFI, 8-phase digital PWM as opposed to analogue PWM that all other x58 mobos have. I wanted to get P6T but I hear it has too many quirks for a good overclock.
dunno if digital will make a big difference. There is some other dude on the forum pushing over 4ghz with the p6t.
in overclocking, every difference is BIG :D Besides, I didn't say that p6t is bad, just had a few more quirks than other boards (like there's an issue with turbo mode and memory setup, no TDP override mode, etc)
I just looked at the DFI board, looks really simple, not too many connectors in back does not really put too much on the table besides those digital pwm.
I might order my stuff tomorrow or Saturday I am either going with Asus P6T deluxe, Asus P6T, the Rampage 2 or that Evga board. What do you guys think?
I just got my P6T (non deluxe) on tuesday. So far it has been rock solid and I haven't had any issues with it. Got my 920 to 3.6ghz without changing any voltages. Only changed the BCLK and it was good to go.
Finishing up Torture Testing this morning. P6T been running full load in 55C ambient for 3 hours.
Nice. Gonna post results? I'm thinking about picking up the P6T non-deluxe myself.
the deluxe has 2 sas ports! that's more than enough to push me over the edge; considering i can get a 15k rpm hd 150gb for under 200 and a 300gb for under 350 @ newegg

Kyle can we see the performance advantage of using a sas hd vs sata hd/ssd?
I been told the sas controller is messed up on this board and it's buggy, so I wouldn't recommend this board for sas.
I'm tempted to order the P6T deluxe, those extra capacitor's look nice. I'm also tempted to go with the Rampage 2, looks like a nice board.