Asus P5N-T: Unable to change Vcore???


Nov 20, 2005
I just built a new system using a Asus P5n-T Deluxe that Newegg had a good deal on. I read that its not a great OC'er, but that wasn't my main intention with this build, noise levels are, however, I bought a Ninja CU and would like to OC my E8400 a little bit, say 3.6Ghz, The problem i am having is that whenever i change my Vcore in BIOS, it doesn't register once i get into windows. I use CPUZ and HWMonitor to check and they both show 1.1v even if BIOS is set to 1.275v. :( I am stable at 3.5Ghz w/ 1.1v, but i would like to push a little further since my load temps after 8 hours of Orthos is maxed at 50.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!