Asus Mail in Rebate and New Egg Warranties


Sep 22, 2004
Hey guys:

I recently bought an Asus EAH4850 TOP/HTDI/512 at New Egg.That card comes with a 30 USD Mail in Rebate directly from Asus. But I have a minor inconvenience. I cannot get the sticker with the UPC code I'm supposed to send to Asus in order to recieve my Mail In Rebate. Unluess I grab an scisor and cut off the sticker with part of the cardboard in the box that brought the card I don't know how to get that sticker to send to Asus.
I'm concerned that once I brake the Video Card Box I lose my warranty with Asus.
I know that New Egg replaces your card with the UPC code within one year of purchasing it. That means I have to say bye to the Mail in Rebate.
I also cannot find any information on ASUS warranty. I have to recheck to see if I find something on it.
Anyways I would appreciatte very much if any of you guys have had experience with these kind of situations befeore and cn shed some light about.
So, if you can help by any means. Thank You, in Adavance!!!


[H]F Junkie
Mar 31, 2004
Gotta cut it out. Breaking the box doesn't void your warranty.

What I do is take a knife and carve around the UPC about halfway into the cardboard. I then cut horizontally into the cardboard (so that my knife blade is behind the sticker, parallel) to separate the layers, and then I cut deeper into the lines I made around the UPC until it breaks through the first layer.

This way I remove the UPC but maintain the structural integrity of the packaging.