ASUS M5A97 -> 64gb RAM?


Nov 13, 2004
My desktop died on me, but I noticed that the RAM from it matched the specs for my server (ASUS M5A97 w AMD FX8320) but when I installed them it just started beeping continually and would not post.

A quick google search revealed that there was supposed to be a bios update to support 4x16gb RAM, but I can't find anything beyond "an update is coming!"

Does anyone know of such an update? Or any other trick/hack to get the mobo to accept 64gb ram?


Apr 26, 2013
I can't find any information on either the M5A97 or M5A97 R2.0 which shows that it will work with more than 32 GB. The QVL on ASUS's website lists a 64 GB kit, but it's an 8x8 GB setup, so they were only using four of the sticks for 32 GB.

If there was supposed to be a BIOS update to support 16 GB sticks, it never materialized. It looks like most 970 boards were made quite a bit before 16 GB DDR3 modules existed and 32 GB is the max. The only other 970 board I can find which lists support for 64 GB is the ASRock 970 Extreme3, and it doesn't explicitly support it, it has a note that "support will be added when 16 GB modules are available."

The only thing I could suggest is seeing if anyone over on the bios-mods forum can add 16 GB module support, but that's a bit out of their realm of expertise. They mostly do CPU support additions, but if anyone can do it, it'd be them. I doubt ASUS would bother trying to help with a 5+ year old board on a long dead CPU platform.