Asus m2n32-sli deluxe CMOS checksum error


Limp Gawd
Oct 25, 2007
Ok, well let me bring you up to speed. I have been having POST issues for a couple of weeks now.

About half a year ago, my computer failed to bootup. Or it failed to post, I thought my hard drive had crapped out so well, I put my comp to the side for a good while.

But until about 3 weeks ago I decided to order a new SATA hard drive, a new graphics card (EVGA 8800GT) and vista 64bit home premium.

I installed all the parts, booted up just fine and started installing vista. Everything went smoothly, I loaded up drivers, but DID NOT update BIOS. I shut the computer off and couldn't get it to restart. It was failing to POST bios.

Well, the absolute only way I could get it back on was to kill the connection of power to the mobo, pull out the CMOS and put it back in. Only way I can get my comp to successfully post.

When it post, it comes up CMOS Checksum error - Defaults loaded.

So when the defaults are loaded, I can bootup.

I have to do this CMOS reset EVERYTIME i want to get my computer to start up... When I do this I only get 1 trip through POST. Once I get through everything works great, I can play game etc or even post threads like this one!

I can't go into BIOS to change settings and save them, because well the computer restarts. Then it fails POST.

I have replaced the CMOS battery, I have replaced my old PSU with a Corsair HX520W. I have replaced my RAM with Corsair 2 x 4g DDR2 800mhz. I have a brand new graphics... The only things I haven't replaced are the CPU (amd athlon fx-64) and mobo (m2n32-sli deluxe).

I have tried updating the BIOS using a bootable flash drive, with the phoenix award bios updater. I have tried the BIOS 2001, and 1903. No luck.

I appreciate any help!



Aug 24, 2007
Not sure if I can help at all, but the ASUS support was very good to me when I called them bunches of times for very, very similar problems.

I've seen many instances of certain RAM causing problems with this motherboard. I remember people also posting that certain processors had trouble in some instances. My problem was that my video card slot was malfunctioning after my old-ish ATi card cooked it quite a bit. They sent me a new one and I was good to go. I'm eager to get rid of my mobo personally, because when it busted I was reading what the problem could be online and there were countless cases of weird things happening with nearly every component on a PC!

Good luck fixing it!