ASUS Introduces New X299 Based Motherboards


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May 18, 1997
ASUS Introduces New X299 Based Motherboards - Based on Intel’s X299 chipset, the ROG, Prime and TUF series feature state-of-the-art connectivity and control options designed for gamers, power users and prosumers.

Fremont, CA (May 30, 2017) - A new era of high-end desktops is here. Intel just took the wraps off its long-awaited Core X-Series processors and accompanying X299 chipset, which bring enough horsepower and bandwidth for everything from professional content creation to hardcore gaming. Intel’s new X299 platform and accompanying Core X-Series processors raise the bar for CPU and memory performance with up to 12 cores and 128GB of quad-channel DDR4 memory. And they add bandwidth for multiple graphics cards and NVME SSDs with up to 44 PCIe lanes through the CPU and even more from the chipset. It’s an incredibly potent platform we’ve used to create the Prime, TUF, and ROG X299 families.

Check out the pics.
Geebus... 128GB of ram? *palms start sweating*

Maybe now I can finally realize my dream of tearing a hole in the fabric of reality!
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Hell, just the thought of an 8c/16t Intel system that doesn't cost an arm, leg and first born has me excited. Now I'm REALLY curious as to what kinda pricing AMD is gonna come through with for Threadripper and X399.
Notice no mention of x399 board from Asus and threadripper should be available first.
Interestingly I has gotten no communication on any X399 board from any manufacturer. I think you might be seeing a bit of push-back on AMD to no release products with such horrible AGESA support at launch.
ROG Rampage VI Extreme X299 includes a 10Gbe third party controller for those who were looking to do 10Gbe NAS backups without a pcie addon card.