ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 ROG Motherboard Giveaway! Week 2

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Hard to choose what I like best. Sounds like a broken record but gonna say the secure erase and ramdisk.
The SSD secure erase is a pretty sweet but the RamDISK will be most useful new feature. Coming from a non-UEFI BIOS, though, it's all gravy to me.
is every feature in attractive presentations that are no longer industrially Spartan.
Probably the ramdisk first. Then secure erase followed by the notes. Looking forward to all of them actually.
i'm still on a non-UEFI bios, so pretty much every single new feature is my favorite...but ramdisk does sound really cool. can't wait to build a new (asus) system
Considering how much I like to tweak and push my overclocks to the bleeding edge, the ability to make notes is beyond AWESOME! I wouldn't have to rely on scribbling down settings on paper anymore!!

The ability to create a ram-disk outside of Windows based software is pretty bad ass too!:p
Nice! I Like the red colors, the panel, and the SSD wipe feature, and, and.... Oh all my MB as ASUS, My tablet, My wifi cards, My router and Video Cards.

Be a great board to build a new system with.

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MY favorite feature in ASUS's new UEFI bios Is clear voice, because now my team will never miss an important command or call out again!
I kind of dig the "quick note" feature. I wonder if notes are saved through BIOS flashes?
I like the RAMDISK feature. Plus all of the actual voltage pulled from the Motherboard. Live? Great...
I'm going to agree with the majority of people here and say the secure erase feature is pretty neat. I use Parted Magic so having this feature built into the UEFI definitely saves me a little bit of time booting from a USB stick and doing it that way.
I'll give this a shot! Been eye-balling a new ROG board and coming from an ancient Asus P5E-VM, everything is an upgrade to me. ;) But specifically I would use the CPU level up to make it a tad easier to give me a ball park what the CPU is capable of. Then I can use that as a base to make more adjustments.
If I can only pick on new feature, secure erase is the biggest single improvement I am looking forwards to. While I want all of the other improvements as well, secure erase is one I will be using from day 1.
The RAMdisk feature looks really amazing and useful. Secure erase will be something I'd like to use as well.
I am always excited when new features are added to existing products!!! The thing I am most excited about is that not only were they significant but they went across the board and not just on it!!!

The RAMDisk feature, something a bit more native can never hurt.
I like the SSD Secure Erase feature, because I want to make sure the vomit stain that is Resident Evil 5 is deep cleansed from my machine.
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