Asus GPU Tweak II's "Ad" is Really a Custom Overlay


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Mar 3, 2018
Earlier today, we (and other media outlets) reported that the newest version of Asus GPU Tweak II contained an GPU "ad." But Asus later informed us that the overlay image in question is not an ad, but an "image placeholder" for a streamer-focused feature that's in development. In its current form, the Asus GPU Tweak II OSD can insert a custom image into the overlay (like a streamer's logo), and the "test image" of Asus GPUs exists so "something is there to if you use the feature." A deeper dive into the OSD's settings shows that there are options to change the image and the text "memo" that the OSD displays, which you can see here or in the app itself.

We apologize to Asus and the app's developers for the mix-up.
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Good on you to post this and apologize.
As far as the image choice, doesn't seem outrageous to me, I'd use an image I know I have the rights to as well.
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Thanks for the update. Don't think this feature is needed for a hardware config/monitoring app though, seems like useless bloat. Provide a separate program for streamers crap.
None of my games will boot with their OSD options enabled anyways. All the extra crap in GPU Tweak II is useless bloatware that just slows the program down. After installing the program I now have to wait for it to initialize for about 3 minutes after seeing the desktop before being able to even think about using another program. Crapware.
Thanks for the update.

I do think they rushed this version out the gate a little too soon though. It's also a shame that nearly 3 months later and the same issues haven't been resolved. The OSD is implementing VIsual C in an unusual way that does conflict with some other programs. I recently did a clean OS install just so I could narrow down the culprit. Turn it off and they work though. It doesn't seem capable of pulling the usage metrics from my 4930k either and these overlays(or pop ups as I see them) are a minor annoyance but totally unnecessary and cannot be permanently turned off. If you disable/re-enable the OSD so does the overlays. Interestingly enough though, it seems most AIB RTX software has some kind of issue. I remember reading when the 1st AIB RTX's were released that many people were complaining about the various new bundled software tools. I'd go back to MSI AB but presently it is extremely limited in functions with the Strix 2080TI and ironically has issues pulling metrics from that GPU.

In the end Asus seems to be following in Microsoft's footsteps with rushing features out before fixing the ones they already have and this custom overlay another example of it. In a cranky old man voice, "Hey you Asus kids, get off my OSD!".
Crap, did we just give them the idea to also use it for ads?

Considering the "test" image they used was an, I suspect they were testing how pissed people would be, or it was just general incompetence.
C'mon guys, think about it. You're in a corporate meeting, discussing the new feature you're adding to an application. Part of it is a logo imposed on streams that will be seen by a potentially large number of people. You need a placeholder for the logo until one is specified. The choices are:

1.) Innocuous image of product.

2.) That cute pic of Bob's kitten.

3.) An advertisement.

The choice is obvious, given current copyright laws. Should have been the kitten.