ASUS G73JH and black screens...


Limp Gawd
May 23, 2005
I own the G73JH-A1 and I've had it since launch. I've performed a re-paste about 2 years ago with IC7 and have had zero heating issues since. Most recently, I have had to replace the main OS drive due to corruption, which I did replace with a Samsung 840 EVO and I regret not changing it sooner.

However, I have run in to an issue when opening games, before I reseated connections it occurred upon login, where my display will initially flicker and finally just shut off.

Summary: Booted up laptop, logged in, browsed the web for an hour and decided to play Diablo 3. Loaded the game up and it sat on character select absolutely fine, as soon as I clicked a menu option in the game, screen flickers and goes black. Prior to today, I would have been able to CtrlAltDel or AltTab to desktop where the display would reappear that is not the case anymore.

I've uninstalled, reinstalled, both current and old and beta drivers, with complete uninstalls, using ATI's uninstaller followed by DDU.

I have been able to successfully utilize both HDMI and VGA output during these blackouts, meaning it is strictly an issue with the laptop display, the gpu, or something in between such as the cable or socket.

I am reaching out to hopefully discover a solution to this problem, while I wait for a potential fix to arrive via mail (display cable).
I also have almost same problem with my asus n53s... I think problem is in optimus technology..

when I leave it for some time, screen goes black and can't get image until I shut down it with pressing button 7-10 second and then turn it on..
also reinstalled drivers, but it's still the same. doesn't reallu matters what I'm doing with it, but problem most appears when I have left launched game.. the white led shows under speakers, which means it's using nvidia gpu at that time, not integrated one..

so anyone know what to do?