ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX Giveaway @ [H]ardOCP

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My rig
Ryzen 1700X slapped onto an Asus X370 Prime MB,
16 GB Corsair 3200 Vengeance LED ram.
Corsair H110i Cooler
Asus Strix GTX 1080 X2 running SLI to get decent 4K game play
Crucial 256 M.2 ssd, sandisk 240 ssd, seagate 2 TB hdd
Phanteks Ethoo evolv case lit up in purple the birthstone color of my two month old baby girl
Asus 28 in 4k monitor, Asus 27 in Full HD monitor, and a Vizio 40 in full HD TV for movie watching while I surf.
I play FPS or any kind of game I can play when the little one is sleep (rarely)
This past weekend I built a rig with my 9 yo nephew with parts from my previous build as a reward for him advancing to the state bowling finals happening this weekend.
This would be a great upgrade from the Zotac GTX 960 currently in his system, so he can play his favorite game Minecraft.
dont judge too harshly... my room is very limited.

im cautiously optimistic about DoW3, but im really looking forward to being able to run RE7 with HDR enabled.


unrelated note, any contest going for a PSU, Camera, or air cleaner?
Still working on my backlog (DA: Inquisition is my current game). Looking forward to Prey and the indie game Midair (spiritual successor to Starsiege: Tribes).

Pic of my current rig (soon to be upgraded to Ryzen once all the parts arrive).


This is my current rig. I don't need need a new card for myself but my wife is struggling along with an old GTX 680. She would love a new ASUS 1070 Series card as she is always looking forward to playing new games. She loved the Bioshock series so I'm thinking she will want to play Prey when it comes out. A 1070 should 1080p Ultra in that game just fine :)
current build:

Phenom II x4 940 @ 3.9Ghz
ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard(got sick of replacing AM2+ boards every year after the 3rd one so i went back to my work horse motherboard)
PNY 8800GT (might be powercolor, i can't remember) use to run SLI with another EVGA 8800GT as well
Thermaltake TP-750(first gen)

new build in progress
Ryzen 5 1600
ASUS crosshair VI
16GB DDR4 3200(haven't decided on brand yet)

would be nice to finally play Eve Online with the graphics maxed out along with World of Warships, Mechwarrior Online and finally have an excuse to buy battlefield 1.

I won't lie. I'm entering because I am a huge ASUS fan and I love free stuff. My build before I got the card in my sig:


I would play all the games that I can currently play. :whistle:
super shitty pic


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Would love to update my 760 in my htpc for battlefront 2. Probably other games coming out, but that's the biggest one on my radar.
I'd like to play some Project Cars 2 (in VR, of course):

Be interesting to see how it compares to Assetto Corsa and iRacing.

Pic of my build attached, it's an htpc SFF build, drives my 1080p 135" projector screen and Oculus (which could use a little bit more power than my 1060).

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Well, here's my main rig. It's sporting a 290X, but i changed it last week to a R9 Nano to wait for something more powerful to properly drive my 4K display (Nano will be going into my HTPC, which is rocking a HD 5770). The Ryzen build on my sig is still a WIP, so i'm still rocking my E5-2670.

I want to work through my 100+ game backlog (Gabe stahp), but i have the dream i'll someday finish Skyrim with 4K mods and everything cranked up.



Asus - Help me get my GPU brand to match my mobo and display brand! My some-other-brand 770 is an old stinker. :dead:

Looking forward to trying out The Witcher 3, and SpellForce 3 later this year.


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Asus 1070 would go nicely with my new Asus 2k 144hz monitor! I'm actually looking forward to CoD WW2 since the Las CoD game I enjoyed was the last CoD WW2 game..;)

Ryzen 1700
16gb ripjaw V
Msi Mortar
corsair sfx 450
Sapphire rx480
crucial mx300 ,OS
intel 600p nvme ,Games
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I was honestly looking at the Asus Dual 1070 OC to put in my Cube that I built last month and have been rebuilding since. Right now I'm playing Mass Effect Andromeda, Civilization VI and (still) flying heavily modded Microsoft FSX, but am looking to (finally) get Doom, and if they ever get out of Alpha, Star Citizen.

My EVGA GTX 970 whines and buzzes like it wishes it was a fire alarm. Help me [H]ardOCP. Help me Asus.


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"Old school" i7-3770 and GTX 980. I still play a lot of Doom 2016 and Diablo 3 but I'm looking to start playing some new stuff.

2017-01-11 18.53.40.jpg
Yes not technically a desktop in the conventional way:) BUT the Alienware laptop does run with a desktop 1080 GTX video card via modified Alienware graphic adapter. Technically i also have my cube server in the picture so there....



Games I current have installed, but been mostly playing Victor Vran, Starbound and grim dawn at the moment. If I win a card it will go into my htpc to replace an aging 750 ti card. so I can do more sofa playing, and who wouldnt be excited about that?

PS: what I have on my main screen :)
won't be playing any games with a new asus 1070.

need the card to sell on ebay to help pay for this thing.



This is my main system, I am looking at building a new rig with Virtual Machines and using GPU passthrough, so any of these cards would be exceptional for the new build.
Well this is embarrassing because my rig is in such bad shape. Been planning lots of upgrades first is replacing those old 570's and now since my SSD died this week that is high on the list. I'm tired of telling myself "That looks like a fun game but it would run annoyingly slow on my machine".

i5 build with a poor old beaten and abused HD7970 stuck in a tiny ass CM-130 elite. Sure could use a nice upgrade especially since it struggles some kinda fierce trying to play VR games on my Vive...


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Oh my god, this would be the only thing I am lacking with my Tundra machine....The COLOR is PERFECT match for my theme, it will help me enjoy new Mass Effect: Andromeda and Max it out in Mafia III and my favorite in 4K - World of Tanks, I wish I was Lucky!!! Good Luck to everyone on this great contest!


32gb - RAM
258GB - SSD
EVGA GTX 970 FTW edition.


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2017-04-27 13.34.59.jpg

The games I'm looking forward to playing this year:
Quake Champions
Scorn (If it is released)
Ghost of a Tale

Also, this will most likely go to my wife's machine, as I'm building her a white themed system. One of These will go perfectly in it!
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please give the new card to this guy.

Well this is embarrassing because my rig is in such bad shape. Been planning lots of upgrades first is replacing those old 570's and now since my SSD died this week that is high on the list. I'm tired of telling myself "That looks like a fun game but it would run annoyingly slow on my machine".

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This is my Main Rig.... BlackDragon

Gaming Rig.jpg

changes from the sig are another Gigabyte z77 board and only running a 480 GB Corsair Neutron XT right now in it.

Would love to get back to playing MechWarrior Online again.... mayhaps the new DOOM as well.
Help me Asus, you're my only hope. (Edit: Just realized I got ninja'd on this by Ricochet!) This old girl needs attention, she's overshadowed by her younger, thinner Asus Strix laptop sibling.

What I'd use it for? If I was fortunate enough to snag a 1070, I'd love to build a a nice VR rig and get into that properly. I get pretty jealous of the guys here at [H] and their VR reviews while I'm stuck here on the sidelines in stupid normal reality. As a married man, you understand my need to escape from....reality....from time to time, and I'm betting crushing some bots (and a few beers, maybe) in Robot Recall would help fix what ails me. And I'm betting it'd power my ultrawide monitor quite well in a weekend marathon of Mass Effect Andromeda (and really show all the details on the weird faces). And should the 1050 be in my future, I can't think of a better start for a Steam machine for my living room 1080p TV.

Either way, you'll be doing this guy here a solid.

-Humbly submitted,
Pusher of Buttons


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More Ghost Recon!


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Here's a pic of my compy386:

Games I want to play:
Dragon Quest Heroes II
It's about time for me to upgrade. It's been 11 years and 3 kids since I have had anything above a midrange card. Just like [H] says you upgrade graphics card and monitors before cpus. If I won a new high end graphics card such as this I could spend the money I would be saving on the graphics card to finally get away from 1080p gaming and move onto 4K gaming. I can't wait to play gta v and the upcoming COD WW2 at 4K. Specs of current pc in pic
8gb ddr3-1600
NZXT Kraken x41 CPU cooler
Asus p868v motherboard
480gb Sandisk sad
1th wd re3 storage drive
NZXT s340 case
Windows 10 pro


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My current system. It's nothing too fancy but it sports a lightly overclocked i5-6500K & a EVGA GTX 970 FTW. Considering that I am using a 1080P monitor still, the GPU holds up well for the games that I am currently playing. Mainly Final Fantasy XIV & Mass Effect Andromeda. Games I am looking forward to at the moment are Bless Online, Destiny 2 & COD WWII. Best of luck to everyone that is entering the giveaway :).

I'm interested in playing some Mankind Divided and maybe Nier Automata... Dark Souls 3 as well. =D

20170428_083111.jpg 20170428_083036_HDR.jpg
Need to complete the all ASUS Rig with a new 1070 Video card for DOOM to win without staggering...

Thermal Take Mozart TX maxi-tower with -850W ANTECH True Power "semi-modular" PS.
- ASUS Z170 Mark 1, with - INTEL i7-6700K, & Noctura NH-D14 air cooler - 11, 120mm Case fans - 16gb
Corsair LPX 400 @ 2300 ghz. - Gigabyte GTX1060-6mb - 32" HP OMEN 2560x1440 @ 5ms
-LG-Mdisc writer - Crucial MX300 525GB SSD - OCZ Agility 160GB SSD -WD-Black 500GB Internal WD 500GB
-External-WD 4TB External-Sabriex Multi card reader - OS- Win7-64
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Lots of new VR games that I need to play. A new GPU would be nice!
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