Astronauts From Failed Launch Will Return to the ISS Today


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Mar 3, 2018
Last October, three astronauts aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket survived an explosive, mid flight failure. The ancient, Soviet-designed Soyuz rockets are notoriously reliable, with only 1 other recorded manned launch failure in 1975, but the 2018 incident put the future of the International Space Station in jeopardy, as it was, and still is, the only launch platform deemed reliable enough to haul astronauts to the ISS. Today, at 2:14 PM Central Time, two of the three astronauts that survived the original failure are scheduled to try again. In spite of an abort sequence that subjected them to nearly 8G, the astronauts don't seem worried at all. SpaceFlightNow is covering the event in real time, and NASA's official YouTube channel will stream the launch later today.

Check out the live stream here.

Ovchinin and Hague took off aboard the Soyuz MS-10/56S spacecraft on Oct. 11. But two minutes after liftoff, one of the rocket's four strap-on boosters failed to separate cleanly, triggering a catastrophic failure. The Soyuz spacecraft's abort system immediately kicked in, propelling the crew ship to safety for a parachute descent to Earth. The problem with the normally reliable Soyuz booster was quickly identified and corrected and the station's current crew - Soyuz MS-11/57S commander Oleg Kononenko, Canadian astronaut-physician David Saint-Jacques and NASA flight engineer Anne McClain - enjoyed a problem-free ride to orbit Dec. 3. Speaking with CBS News by satellite from Moscow last month, Hague said he continued to have full confidence in the safety and reliability of the Soyuz. "I'm 100 percent confident," he said. "In the aftermath of the launch abort, watching the response from the Russians, the transparency and the way they approach that in terms of sharing their data and resolving the issues, it was impressive. The strength of the international cooperation was tested, and it's as strong as it's ever been."
wow didn't realize they had to sit in that cramped capsule for 3+ hours before launch.. fk that.
I have absolutely no doubt about the glorious soyuz.
If I had a choice today between spaceX and soyuz I know what I'd go with and it's not SpaceX today.

but we should really see a rocket take over for it, but no rush but things are looking good for SpaceX so in about two years it really kicks off :)
Training a crew of 2-3 people costs vastly much more than a puny rocket launch benefit with spaceX and I am impressed that there is no rushing just to have an american rocket so I praise that they handle it even with the political shit going around.
You know, it takes some monumental balls to ride a rocket.

You need seven balls per side to ride a rotten rocket, survive, and then get on the next one out.
I couldn't do it. My life is in a loop of Dr. John's "Right place wrong time". (Plus I'll admit, I don't have seven balls per side....I salute these guys)
3 hours... damn, I couldn't do it either, I would have to take a piss and I'm not using astronaut diapers.
What's this Flash Player you link to? In Soviet Russia we don't approve of players flashing others online.
What's this Flash Player you link to? In Soviet Russia we don't approve of players flashing others online.

I thought this was a discussion forum, not a tube site. I tend to usually be wrong though so it's probably just that again
Just hope they do not up a coat hanger with a lemon on it as astronots do not survive long afterwards.