Asterisk key on numpad not working correctly in Win10


Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 12, 2004
Having this random problem with my Logitech G710 keyboard where the * key on my numpad only works when holding the shift key. Driving me nuts since I use Excel a lot and multiplication is something I often use.

My troubleshooting thus far:
  1. Moved to another USB port.
  2. Uninstalled Logitech drivers; rebooted.
  3. Reinstalled Logitech drivers; rebooted.
  4. Uninstalled HID keyboard drivers; rebooted.
  5. Reinstalled motherboard chipset drivers; rebooted.
  6. Moved the keyboard to another PC; works fine.
  7. Tinkered with Ease of Access settings (e.g. turn on/off mouse keys, turn on/off toggle keys)
At this point it's gotta be something I'm missing in Windows 10. Any ideas?