Asrock Fatal1ty X299 Professional Gaming I9 Memory Issue

Nov 18, 2011
Hey everyone. I'm hoping someone might have some experience with an issue I'm having.

I have a Asrock X299 Professional Gaming I9 motherboard. It's been working fine for years with a 7820X and 64GB of DD4-3200 Corsair Ram on the P1.40 BIOS. The ram ran on the XMP profile in Quad channel with no issues. I updated the BIOS to 2.30 in preparation for a CPU upgrade to a 10980XE with not other changes. However, the RAM will no longer run in XMP. The system won't even boot when set to XMP mode. 2133 boots fine.


Intel 7820X
Asus X299 Pro Gaming I9 BIOS 2.3
4 DIMM of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 CMK32GX4M2B3200C16

Things I've tried:

BIOS Reset
RAM reseat (confirmed they are in the correct slots)
Manually setting the BIOS to various speeds. Up to 3000 works but the timings are CAS22
Retested the memory on another system in Quad Channel (MSI board) and it works in XMP.

The only thing I can think of is that this memory is no longer on the QVL approved list, and something between BIOS 1.4 and 2.3 has changed substantially enough to make it no longer work.

Any thoughts?


Jul 8, 2019
unfortunately could be the IMC on the cpu. only other option is a different set of ram.