Asrock B450M Pro4 Sleep and Forget BIOS settings, really?


Sep 24, 2005
I just put together a Ryzen 3 3200G with this motherboard and have the latest bios P3.90. I have Win10 Home installed and just discovered this bizarre behavior.
I put (or it goes to sleep) the computer to sleep, move the mouse (or hit power button) to wake it and the fans and drive spin up and the power LED is solid, but nothing on the screen, no ethernet port lights on the back and the reset and power button do not respond. So I have the shut it off with PSU switch. Then turn it back on and it takes a long time to boot up. Why you may ask? Seems like the BIOS settings have been reset back to default, as the time in windows is wrong, RAM timings wrong, and fan profile changed. I put it to sleep again without correcting the settings, and it happened again.

So I take another CR2032 battery and replace that one, and I get the same thing.

So I correct the BIOS settings, boot into windows, do a shut down, and switch the PSU to off, so there is no power reaching the system. I boot back up and the settings this time have saved and are correct.

In the bios, I have deep sleep and fast boot off, and fast startup in windows unchecked.

Can anyone explain this?
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