Areca 1880 & HP SAS Expander Failed Drives


Aug 5, 2013
I've got a HP SAS Expander (running v2.10 firmware) connected via SFF-8088 to my Areca 1880xi12 card (running 1.52 firmware). The SAS expander is connected to 12 drives that make up two RAID 5 volumes.

In trying to get this setup, I keep running into issues where all of my drives are reported as failed and the volume disappears.

I believe this may have to do with a failing drive (or more), but what is odd is the logs don't show anything useful, and my smart status doesn't show any drive issues. Is the HP SAS Expander not passing drive information to my Areca, or is the Areca not reading the drives correctly? (Or do I have a different issue?)

Anybody run into this or have some advice on what to check?