Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

Are you upgrading your quad core in 2020?

  • Yes

    Votes: 37 56.1%
  • No

    Votes: 19 28.8%
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I already upgraded last year. I feel like you need a minimum of 8 cores for modern games and apps. You can "get by" with 6 cores but you are bottlenecking your GPU for sure with only 4 cores.

Theres a lot of factors that will determine where the bottleneck is. Can’t say 4 cores will bottleneck a GPU “for sure” without knowing what GPU and what resolution its pushing. When I was running my 3770k with a 1080Ti on a 1440p display, the bottleneck was the CPU in many of the games I play but not all. That system now has a 1060 6gb on a 1080p screen and the bottleneck is almost never the CPU.
I feel like there is a lot of validity in this thread, but also alot of guessing. Are there any benchmark databases of games? Back in the day, 3dmark2001 etc had huge databases that you could compare components of your rig against. Like take my OC 6700K, I could see exactly what the score was against other stock CPUs and my same graphics card, and then see what their overall score/fps was. If my OC was equal or comparable to current mid-high end stock, then why upgrade?

Now 3dmark is neutered unless you want to pay, which is bs. Heaven and Superposition I don't believe allow database access either.

What options are out there?
I've been using a 6-core CPU since 2014 (5930K). My last 4-core system was a Core i7-930 on X58 that I built in 2010. One of my friends replaced his Sandy Bridge i7-2600K with a Ryzen 7 3700X earlier this year, and another friend replaced his i5-2500K with a Ryzen 2700X last December. My next system will have at least 12 cores, but not sure when that's happening. I got probably another couple years of life or so outta my current 6-year-old X99 system. Zen 4 or even maybe Zen 5 might be around by the time I'm ready to build a new system. I did have my eye on the Ryzen 3900X, but I'm not ready for a new system just yet.
Mate, imagine if you wait even longer, the gains will be paramount!!😯😁👍
We are on the losing end of the [H]spectrum. Performance is nt on our side.😞😔

Well, sometimes life gets in the way and reroutes finances to more important matters than a PC upgrade. Luckily, things are sitting pretty good for me now, so I'm going to make this happen.
The quad core around here is the cluster name node, and it runs perfectly fine with a 2300X. I'm not planning on upgrading it at all, until the entire cluster is upgraded which won't be happening for quite a long time. (not counting storage upgrades.)
Mate, but this theory is so flawed; if you overclock the current mid-hi end stock it'll be even faster and your bck to square one..😞💔

Normally I would agree, but Ryzens are notorious for not having great OC results. That compared with the lower IPC in the 1000 and 2000 series makes them more of a sidegrade from high end OCd i7s. In 1440 gaming, I highly doubt I will see meaningful improvement especially when you take into consideration the mobo and ram costs too.
Even the 3000 level is dubious, and I even have a 3600 downstairs in my htpc that I got cheap and I still don't feel like swapping it out. Now the 5000 series 10-12core ryzens would obviously crush me, but i'll still wait another year or two. Shit at that point I may upgrade my gpu to 4k gaming, and then my cpu will really become irrelevant.
Nope, waiting for 2022 for upgrades as I only have time for computing ~2h a week, and I mainly play older games. Also my 5820k runs fine, and I'm very happy I bought a 5820K instead of a 4790k.
I “upgraded” my gaming rig to a 2700x a few years back when my 3570k@4.9ghz failed. Turns out extremely high voltage for over 5 years is bad for a chip :D

This year everything in the house is getting upgraded. The Really old crap, like my infrequently used A10-5800k HTPC and My core2quad 9650 server with 6 drive velcioraptor array were both replaced with raspberry Pis, data was migrated to my freenas. My HTPC and General use box is an OC’d A10-7870k that will be replaced with a 5950X, as will the 2700X.

the freenas is a i3-6100 - that will need to be done in stages, where I bring up a new box, migrate data, VMs, etc, so it’s highly likely to still be running into mid 2021.

so, many, upgrades...
I may 'downgrade' my 2600 to a Zen3 quad core. The 3300X is already mostly better than the 2600 so I imagine the Zen3 quad w/SMT to beat the 2600 in everything.
curious, what defines a high voltage?
Ran it just a hair over 1.5V for most of its life. Once it started to become unstable at that, I downclocked it to around 4.8ghz at 1.4V, but that only lasted another 18 months or so before it was unstable again. I ended up having to downclock it every couple of weeks till it wasn't even stable at stock anymore.
damn 1.5v is pretty high. Just wanted to make sure, my 6700k is sitting purty at 4.7@1.345
damn 1.5v is pretty high. Just wanted to make sure, my 6700k is sitting purty at 4.7@1.345
I had it under water with 2x old (not so old at the time) Thermochill 120.3 rads, so temps were generally under control even with the high voltage. I wasn't too worried about the voltage as I had never kept a PC longer than 2 years prior to that one - who would have guessed performance stagnation for so long?
true true. and the higher you go up in res (1440, 4k), cpu kinda becomes irrelevant
Exactly. I have a 30” Dell U2011 (2560x1600) that I’ve had since release, and honestly it wasn’t until I got the 1080ti that I started to feel I had enough vid card to actually make the CPU do some work. It’s well past time for that monitor to get an upgrade too, but I decided years ago that I would wait for a 32” 144hz 4K HDR display... I’m still waiting.
Wow, I'm really behind the curve. My main box is a 4570K with a OC to 4.9 and a GTX 680. It's been running like that for 7 years straight, 24/7. I don't have any real time to game anymore, so it's fine for most anything I do. My lab has three dual processor x5667 boxes, so 12 core / 24 thread on those. I might consolidate those into one box if it can handle the load, but with nearly 256GB of combined memory, it won't be cheap.
My 3 kids' computers have a 4570, 3770, and x5667, each with 1060 cards. They play less demanding games at 1080p, so no issues there. Both of my HTPCs are old Sandy Bridge Pentiums using integrated graphics, just fine for 1080p video. Not enough 4K content out there to justify an upgrade yet.
Lately I've been building computers for a local school co-op and I've found that any relatively modern CPU (my personal definition is now 4th gen Core) with 4 cores or even 2/4 is good enough for general usage.
Upgrading my 6700k to something new, waiting on the AMD information to be released and finalized.
Wife is still happy with her 6700k, will probably upgrade her GPU and that's it
I've had a 6-core Intel CPU since 2010 but now I'm going to jump to Zen 3 8-core...I currently have 8GB VRAM and want to jump to 20GB but might have to settle for 10GB...system RAM is currently 12GB and will jump to 32GB...everything needs to be worth the upgrade...
No. I have one quad-core left...and it will get upgraded, but only in about 4-6 months.
ugh!!! I'd love to upgrade from my 5 year old 6700k, but I just can't justify the expense of building a new machine at the moment...