are you going to abandon intel for ryzen?

I would do it, but only if AMD offered not just a top performing CPU but also fun one for overclocking. When it's my time for an upgrade, if AMD and Intel are similar in performance, I would get AMD just to stick it to Intel for being so lazy with their CPU's.
My 5820k has served me well, but I could see myself switching if it's a good performer. I really want to downsize back to mini-itx.
I honestly hope AMD strikes gold with these CPU's and Vega later now, it would be great for us to see some competition!
My 5820k has served me well, but I could see myself switching if it's a good performer. I really want to downsize back to mini-itx.

I think going with the new AMD stuff would be great. However, there is an Asrock X99 mini-ITX board available.
I currently have an i5-4690K and GTX 960 (I regret not getting an RX 480) on an Asus Z97-P. I paid 245 EUR for the i5-4690K, 230 EUR for the GTX 960, and 105 EUR for the Z97-P. That's 580 EUR for a decent PC, nothing monstrous.

If AMD can provide at least equal performance and efficiency at a similar price I'm likely switching. It won't be much of an upgrade, but I'll happily switch if it can hold its candle to Intel.
If AMD can provide clearly better performance and at least equal efficiency at a similar price I'm definitely switching.
I'd definitely consider switching if AMD can provide equal or better performance to the current 8/16 intel processor. Especially if they can get it out by March/April, and at about half the price of an Intel 8/16 chip. I really have an upgrade itch in me since I have had my current rig now for 5 years. :) It really will depend on how well it performs when HardOCP tests the chip. After the VR debacle I am not inclined to believe AMD's words till it gets verified by other third parties.
I might upgrade my Evga z77 classified/3570k @ 4.5... I haven't really found a need to upgrade. Going AMD is good enough reason if i can get some good 6/12c or better for a decent price
My CPU is feeling ancient and I am going to make a new build very soon. It's going to be the chip with the best price\performance in my budget. I'm waiting for Zen chips to drop before I make my choice. If nothing else, a price war works in my favor.
If it will offer tangible speed difference between my 4790k I might consider that. If it's like less than 10% difference then he'll no. The cost of swapping the platform will be to high to justify the change.

Maybe next year, when we see Coffee Lake 6 cores got no against 8 core Ryzen and Ryzen coming on the top, we can talk. But right now I'd rather spend the money on platform change on new GPU, as it would bring me more FPS than just CPU change
It's all about performance/price for me, give me a reason to dump my 2500k at the right price and I'm totally down!
I Built a Sandy Bridge Machine from used/leftover/RMA parts from work, waiting for a DDR4 AMD platform to come out.

I want to build a clean AM4 Desktop with a RX490~ etc.
I'm comfortable with Intel and I don't think my 6600k is going obsolete anytime soon. I might consider AMD for my next build, but a lot of that decision depends on if AMD keeps up. Their 900 series chipset was so f%*#ing out of date it was pathetic. In a couple years when I build again, I will consider AMD if their stuff is still up to date like Intel keeps theirs.
Sitting tight until we see Ryzen reviews and pricing.

Issue becomes if I pass on Ryzen do I go for a Z270/7700K, X99/6800K, or wait another 5-6 months for X299.

Keeping my 3570K system together sans GPU. May put on craigslist or if that fails part it out on ebay.
I'll get a cheap 8 Core for shits and grins.
I want Zen with APU but must support AMD for making Intel sweat a little.

I use powerful virtual synthesizers optimized for multi core.
My i7 4790k handles them no problem, but to run more need more cores.

Kind of upset about no Windows 7 support.
I tweaked my Rackmount PCs to perfection.
Have no desire to have M$oft help me further...
I won't upgrade my current i7 6850K because it'll last me at least 2-3 years easy. After that, I'll see what AMD and Intel have to offer me.
Still waiting on full reviews of comparative benchmarks. I'm on x99 + 4.5GHz OC'd 5930k right now, but with a GTX 980 SC. (was waiting for the 1080Ti, but it never came..) However, I've already started ordering parts for a mini-ITX build. I just ordered the case and power supply. I was going to get a Asrock x99e-ITX and transfer my parts in (minus the too large graphics card) but I'll now wait to see how the 1800X performs on a X300 Ryzen ITX board before I make my final decision. Hopefully some new high end <195mm graphics cards will also be available.