Are there IP/data-only SIM cards and/or providers/carriers?

Jun 26, 2020
Mobile/cell phone subscriptions include 2 basic components:
1. Radio (mobile phone calls, SMS, MMS)
2. Mobile data ("The Internet")

It is not possible to properly encrypt radio phone calls, SMS, and MMS unless everyone on the call uses cryptophones, which are incredibly expensive. Basic 4G/LTE radio encryption is easily beaten with a downgrade to 2G/3G via IMSI catchers. IMSI catchers are also known as Stingrays and are basically fake cell towers used by bad actors and law enforcement to either perform a MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) attacks or to track you. You can read more here - . Unlike mobile radio (mobile calls, SMS, MMS), mobile data and WiFi data can both be encrypted via VPN's. Mobile data and WiFi VoIP messaging apps like Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp, provide an additional layer of security via their own encryption. The problem is that free public WiFi is not available in many rural areas and AFAIK you can't disable mobile radio without disabling mobile data with typical/common phones, SIM cards, and providers/carriers.

Are there IP/data-only SIM cards and/or providers/carriers? I want mobile radio to be turned off completely (no radio-based calls, no SMS, no MMS), but I want both mobile data and WiFi to work. Airplane mode disables radio calls and mobile data, but WiFi data can stay enabled. Is it possible to get both - mobile data and WiFi data in Airplane mode, while keeping mobile radio fully disabled?